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Cathryn (Cate) Molloy (born 11 May 1955) was an Australian politician. She was a Labor and independent member of the Legislative Assembly of Queensland from 2001 to 2006, representing the district of Noosa.

Molloy first entered Queensland state parliament as one of a number of newly elected Labor MPs following the party's landslide win at the 2001 state election.[1] She was subsequently re-elected at the 2004 state election.[2]

In 2006, Molloy publicly opposed her party's policy to build a dam on the Mary River.[3] This stance resulted in her disendorsement as a Labor Party candidate in June 2006.[4] She continued to sit as a Labor MP before quitting the party in August 2006.[5] Thereafter, Molloy sat out the remainder of her term as an independent before being defeated at the 2006 state election.[6] The following year, Molloy unsuccessfully contested the federal seat of Wide Bay, also in an independent capacity.[7] In the 2009 state election, she unsuccessfully re-contested Noosa.

Molloy was born in East Melbourne, Victoria. She was married to Ivan Molloy,[8] who was the endorsed Labor candidate for Fairfax at the 2004 federal election.[9]


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