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The main section for this category is in the article Eric Flint, in the section titled Published works.

This category holds references to works by Eric Flint, author, historian, and editor of eMagazines, republished old fiction, and various anthologies, especially those set in his milieus—the most prominent of which are the Assitti Shards Multiverses (main article: Assiti Shards series— series means plural here) and humorous Joes World milieus, and the most popularly successful being the works now numbered in double-digits of the 1632 series. Flint is very comfortable sharing the writing process and many of his major works are collaborations, e.g. 1633 (novel)–with David Weber the whole Belisarius Saga with David Drake, and most of those listed in main article 1632 series, itself a huge experiment in Collaborative fiction creation.

  • NOTE: Individual entries do not necessarily connote an individual work; Wikipedia categorized terms follow industry standard publishing practices in listing the editor of a collection as if he were an author, hence, the item may be an anthology edited by Flint, who as an editor is active in republishing older fiction. He also has a prominent role in the many anthologies in his 1632verse (Category:1632 series) milieu, the Ring of Fire (anthology) and its successor sub-series (Main Article) The Grantville Gazettes.

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