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(259/233 BC) Decree of Knossos renewing philia with Miletos and including in terms Tylisos, Rhaukos, Chersonesos, Milatos, Eltynia,Herakleion, Priansos, Apollonia, Petra, Itanos, Praisos, Istron,Olous, Dreros, Lato, Eleutherna, (O)axos, Kydonia, and Phalasarna[1]
(183 BC) Treaty of the king Eumenes II with the Cretan League and 31 Cretan cities : Γορτύνιοι, Κνώσιοι, Φαίστιοι,Λύττιοι, Ῥαύκιοι, Ἱεραπύτνιοι, Ἐλευθερναῖοι, Ἀπταραῖοι, Πολυρρήνιοι, Συβρίτιοι, Λαππαῖοι, Ἄξιοι, Πριανσιέες, Ἀλλαριῶται, Ἀρ[κ]άδες, Κεραῗται, Πραίσιοι, Λάτιοι, Βιάννιοι, Μαλλαῖοι, Ἐρώνιοι, Χερ[σ]ονάσιοι, Ἀπολλωνιᾶται, Ἐλύριοι, Ὑρτακίνιοι, Ἐλτυναιεῖς, Ἀνω-[πο]λῖται, Ἠραδήννιοι, Ἰστρώνιοι, Ταρραῖοι[2], [․․․․]
(230-220 BC) Among 29 Cretan cities-theorodokoi of the Pythian Games , the cities of Cythera, Phalanna, Pelkis,Psycheion,Oleros and Lasaia are also reported[3].


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