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The deserts of Iran are divided in two main areas, the coastal deserts (bordering the Persian gulf and Gulf of Oman) and the Central deserts. According to Daniel b. Kllinsely (American geologist) Iran has 60 deserts.

We can cateqorize central deserts into seven families: 1- Khur-o- Biabanak: Jandagh(جندق) and Khur (خور) are main cities in this area and many villages are around them, some of them are very old. You can find ancient castles, qanats, caravanserais, ... in these villages.

Cities: Khur, chupanan Villages: Aroosan , Mohammad-abad-Kooregaz , Garmeh, Bayazieh Other: Mesr desert, Takht-e-aroos desert

2- Band-e-rig (بند ریگ) : This area is near Aran-o-bidgol and Kashan and Abuzeidabad. The famous Maranjab desert is here.

Cities: Zavvareh, Badrood, Nooshabad, Kashan, Ardestan (Mosques and qanats). Villages: Other: Red Playa, Salt lake, Maranjab desert, Rig-e-Jenn desert

3- Tabas (طبس): Tabas is one of the remotest cities of Iran surrounded by desert at the heart of central desert. Small number of cities and villages founded here.

Cities: Tabas (Golshan garden) Villages: Ezmeyghan, Kharvan, Pir-e-hajat, Kerit, Naybandan Other: Rooh-e-marghoom Playa, Kerit dam

4- Ghaenat (قائنات): This area is near Birjand city, at the east of Iran.

Cities: Ghaenat. Villages: Khunik. Other: Bala Playa, Mohammad-abad playa

5- Rige-Zarrin (ریگ زرین): Kharanaq is in the heart of this desert. Khranagh divided in main two parts: Old and new Kharanagh.

Cities: Ardekan, Yazd, Villages: Kharanagh, Other: Chak-chak shrine, Moghestan desert

6- Khara (خارا) desert: near Varzaneh, Isfahan province. Gavkhuni swamp is in the middle of this desert.

Cities: Varzaneh, Ejhieh Villages: Ghortan (castle) Other: Gavkhuni swamp, Khara desert

7- Lut desert: Lut is a vast desert at the south east of Iran. Hottest place of earth is in this desert. Shahdad is a desert camp. Lut has especial features known as Yardangs. In fact Lut has some of the biggest and tallest Yardangs in the world.

Cities: Kerman Villages: Shahdad, Shafi-abad, Meymand Other: Gandom-e-Beryan, Shahdad yardangs,

You can find sand dunes, yardangs and playas in these areas.


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