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Fictional characters who are perceived as possessing -- distinctively feminine traits -- but technically aren't ("females / girls / women") in the traditional sense or by strictest definition. A real life example would be Siri.

Fictional examples of quintessential gynoids would be:

  • Motoko Kusanagi from the Ghost in the Shell series, a cyborg who's female identity and appearance is countered by the autonomous subjectivity, resulting in a "male" cyborg body which cannot menstruate; Austin Corbett commented on her lack of sexualization as freedom from feminity, noting that Motoko is "overtly feminine, and clearly non-female."
  • GLaDOS from the Portal series, a narcissistic and passive-aggressive artificially intelligent computer system; Joe McNeilly called her a "maternal female construct" programmed to react "empathetically", yet incapable of feeling emotion, and "represent man's attempt to construct an idealized mother figure through the cold logic of science".