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Paul Doyle Guitar maker, I started making Electric guitars as a hobby aged 15 years old in 1967, Dun Laoire. I Bought most of the parts from Brendan Dempsey music saloon in Parnell street, Dublin, after about 6 attempts at getting the right style of electric made and while finishing my studies in Architecture I Made my first serious Classical Guitar in Tuffnell Park, in London in 1976. Around the same time I had made 4 other instruments, {a b Sting Mandolin, 2 Appalation Dulcimers and a 12 String Guitar} by mid 1978 I had completed 35 instruments in total. Though some of them were Bodhran's, Not really an instrument some would argue. At that time I developed a keen interest in Jazz music and spent much time in Druid Lane where a lot of the good venues were, at the same time I spent some time in Ivor Mairants Music Shop checking out the new line of C S L gypsy Jazz guitars, as part of my work in Architecture was publicity, I had taken many Photographs and had them developed in Harringey Photographic, Roy the owner or maybe son of greeted me most days and when i had a problem sent me in the back to an engineer who could make lenses for any camera, he was drilling a tailpiece for a Maccaferri Guitar he was making and we got on great immediately i recognized that. Bert Nibblet was his name and I called on him regularly after that to go to the Django night in a school opposite his house where he played with a bunch of great Django players, I met through him Louis Gallo in wood green and he more or less took me through the construction of the Maccaferri guitar with the bend on the soundboard. by now i had quit Architecture after a motor bike accident and decided to go fulltime instrument building. An opening became available in Northern Renaissance instruments in Manchester, They were located in no 18 Moorfield Road, West Didsbury, an elegant 4 story red bricked building. This was a dream place to study and working alongside a great bunch of people, George Stoppani violin family, John Duncalf lutes, Brian Higgins viola da gamba, Louis emilio rodrego viola da gamba, Maggie Urquart bass and bows, Reg Laurence Varnish maker, Rick Baines woodwind, and many other visitors,it sowed the seeds for research and study of instruments. for two years I studied under Ephraim Segerman from New York, and built some fine early instruments, no 036 a Cittern by Canpi, no 037 an English Guitar Cittern by William Gibson of Dublin c1764, instrument no 040 the Palmer Orpharion c1617,no. 041 Guitar shaped Hurdy Gurdy by Thouvenel 18c. no 059 was a Lute shaped Hurdy Gurdy with Squashed back and made from Drawings obtained in St Chartier France and X rays of an instrument left in to N R I for assesment, there were many fine instruments from all over the world and some of them quite rare, many visitors came and some of them stayed a few days or weeks, one of them June Yakely who studied Classical Guitar construction in Spain under all of the famous makers, Ramires, Contrares etc to name a few, She told me many of the ways of construction in the Spanish style, and how soundboards were braced.


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