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This category tracks usage of the {{Multiple issues}} template where the template's code employs the old deprecated style like, for example, this:

{{Multiple issues
|lead too short    = February 2010
|original research = March 2010
|essay-like        = March 2010

To fix this issue, update the template to use the current style. This should be doable in almost all cases simply by converting the old style's parameters to templates like so:

{{Multiple issues |
{{lead too short    | date=February 2010}}
{{original research | date=March 2010}}
{{essay-like        | date=March 2010}}

If for some reason an old parameter cannot be fixed simply by converting it to template form, as with {{wikify}}, for example, you must seek out the proper template to use. The template {{cleanup}} also requires a |reason= parameter or it will throw an error.

The exact wording of the template for each issue may differ from the wording generated by the corresponding old style parameter but the meaning should more or less stay the same.

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