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This category is automatically populated by certain parameters being passed to {{Infobox locomotive}}. As of April 2011, these deprecated parameters are:

  • 1 (sorted under "σ" i.e. "Σ") - the template takes no positional parameters, so determine if this is a parameter name lacking both equals sign and value, or a parameter value; and then either add the missing half of the parameter, or remove it entirely
  • leadingsize (sorted under "L") - use |leadingdiameter=
  • driversize (sorted under "D") - use |driverdiameter=
  • trailingsize (sorted under "T") - use |trailingdiameter=
  • weight (sorted under "W") - ambiguous; use one or more of |locoweight=, |tenderweight=, |locotenderweight=
  • topspeed (sorted under "S") - use |maxspeed=
  • railroad (sorted under "R") - use |operator=
  • railroadclass (sorted under "C") - use |operatorclass=
  • roadnumber (sorted under "#") - use |fleetnumbers=
  • cylinders (sorted under "Y") - ambiguous; use one or more of |cylindercount=, |cylindersize=, |frontcylindersize=, |rearcylindersize=, |hpcylindersize=, |lpcylindersize=

The complete absence of certain parameters also triggers this category:

  • name (sorted under "N")

In addition, this category is triggered for certain invalid values being passed in valid parameters:

  • image (sorted under "I") when the relevant image file does not exist

So that articles don't remain in this category too long, a suggestion is made to work on articles beginning with a certain letter. The letter is changed daily.

The current focus is on articles beginning with: L.

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