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This category contains requests for edits to semi-protected pages. The edit may be made by any autoconfirmed user.

Pages are added to this category by the template {{edit semi-protected}}. Editors may find the template {{ESp}} useful when responding to semi-protected edit requests.

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26 semi-protected edit requests
Page Tagged since Protection level Last protection log entry
List of fastest production cars by acceleration (request) 2014-04-02 23:10 Semiprotected, expires 2014-04-29 at 18:18:08 UTC (log) Protected by HJ Mitchell on 2014-03-29: "Persistent vandalism"
Axolotl (request) 2014-04-04 17:18 Semiprotected (log) Modified by Dabomb87 on 2011-05-13: "Pending changes trial is over"
Template:Syrian civil war detailed map (request) 2014-04-10 12:34 Semiprotected (log) From Template:Syrian civil war detailed map: Protected by Salvio giuliano on 2013-10-17: "Persistent sock puppetry"
Andrew Bolt (request) 2014-04-11 09:23 Semiprotected (log) Protected by Bduke on 2010-03-01: "Excessive vandalism"
Camel (request) 2014-04-11 15:51 Semiprotected, expires 2016-12-25 at 09:44:31 UTC (log) Modified by Materialscientist on 2013-12-25: "Persistent vandalism"
Nigeria (request) 2014-04-12 09:37 Semiprotected (log) Modified by NawlinWiki on 2008-10-02: "moveprotect also"
Android (operating system) (request) 2014-04-13 20:00 Semiprotected (log) Protected by Steel on 2013-09-20: "Vandalism"
Ming dynasty (request) 2014-04-14 19:19 Semiprotected (log) From Ming Dynasty: Protected by Dreadstar on 2012-06-25: "IP-hopping vandalism"
Pocahontas (1995 film) (request) 2014-04-15 06:05 Semiprotected (log) Protected by Tanthalas39 on 2008-12-30: "Persistent sock vandalism. Please consult me or User:Collectonian before unprotecting"
Chandler Riggs (request) 2014-04-15 16:31 Semiprotected (log) Protected by Nightscream on 2013-10-31: "Persistent vandalism"
Ryan Seacrest (request) 2014-04-15 18:13 Semiprotected (log) Modified by HJ Mitchell on 2010-07-16: "no reason for this to go anywhere in the foreseeable future"
Kane (wrestler) (request) 2014-04-16 15:42 Semiprotected, expires 2014-07-09 at 06:46:01 UTC (log) Protected by Callanecc on 2014-04-09: "Violations of the biographies of living persons policy"
Neil Armstrong (request) 2014-04-17 04:46 Semiprotected (log) Protected by Favonian on 2012-01-09: "Persistent vandalism"
Indian general election, 2014 (request) 2014-04-17 08:39 Semiprotected, expires 2014-05-18 at 00:00:00 UTC (log) Protected by HJ Mitchell on 2014-04-08: "Persistent vandalism"
Blaise Pascal (request) 2014-04-17 21:23 Semiprotected (log) Modified by Connormah on 2012-09-12: "Persistent vandalism"
Passover (request) 2014-04-18 00:32 Semiprotected (log) Protected by Bgwhite on 2013-02-05: "Persistent vandalism"
Bergen-Belsen concentration camp (request) 2014-04-18 01:56 Semiprotected (log) From Bergen-Belsen concentration camp: Protected by Anthony Appleyard on 2009-05-13: "Excessive vandalism"
Jerusalem (request) 2014-04-18 05:47 Semiprotected (log) Modified by Courcelles on 2011-02-28: "This isn't working, at all."
Adi Shankara (request) 2014-04-18 13:13 Semiprotected (log) Protected by Magioladitis on 2012-10-13: "Edit warring / Content dispute: Removal of content by multiple accounts most probably with the same owner"
The Ultimate Warrior (request) 2014-04-19 03:55 Semiprotected, expires 2014-04-27 at 23:58:17 UTC (log) Modified by HJ Mitchell on 2014-04-13: "Persistent vandalism"
Sex symbol (request) 2014-04-20 10:02 Semiprotected (log) Modified by Mark Arsten on 2012-08-15: "On second thought, indef"
The Bella Twins (request) 2014-04-20 15:19 Semiprotected, expires 2014-05-13 at 23:53:42 UTC (log) Protected by HJ Mitchell on 2014-04-13: "Persistent vandalism"
Hamid Mir (request) 2014-04-20 16:19 Semiprotected, expires 2014-04-26 at 15:50:31 UTC (log) Protected by Kelapstick on 2014-04-19: "Persistent disruptive editing"
John Locke (request) 2014-04-20 16:50 Semiprotected (log) Modified by Ruslik0 on 2009-02-21: "Page-move vandalism"
Ludwig van Beethoven (request) 2014-04-20 16:55 Semiprotected (log) Modified by Fastily on 2010-08-23: "Excessive vandalism: PC not working atm, feel free to revert once it is"
Diversity Immigrant Visa (request) 2014-04-20 17:03 Semiprotected (log) Protected by ErrantX on 2011-06-30: "Edit warring / Content dispute: blocked users evading to continue edit war"
Updated as needed. Last updated: 17:05, 20 April 2014 (UTC)
Color legend
Red Fully-protected, template-protected, not protected, MediaWiki-namespace, user script (JS or CSS), or cascading protection
Yellow Semi-protected by the title blacklist
Green Direct semi-protection in the Template or Module namespaces
White Direct semi-protection in namespaces other than Template and Module