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I don't particularly like the use of Category:Indo-European used to simultaneously denote an ethnicity and the field of Indo-European studies: currently it sits inside both Category:Historical linguistics and Category:Ethnic groups in Europe. My main issue is to discourage any resurrection of the "Indo-European race" concept, and make very clear that "Indo-European" as an ethnic marker is only really applicable to the Proto-Indo-European period, before widespread genetic interaction with other peoples.

I was thinking of creating a subcategory Category:Proto-Indo-Europeans to house all the articles specifically about recontructions of PIE life, language, etc., and move the "Ethnic groups" categorization down to there.

However, this might introduce an arbitrary division in the categorization of articles, as well as create other controversies (e.g. do we put Kurgan hypothesis in Category:Proto-Indo-Europeans, or not?). Any thoughts? --Saforrest 20:27, 29 June 2006 (UTC)