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Technology versus the human mind and body.

Debate topic number one. Without a computer chip, the computer chip was developed by the human mind and body.

Debate number two. Without a computer chip or silicate, the human mind and body was able to realize the cause of all illness began with the introduction of unclean (Silica), and has progressed to the most unclean (Greed) using the cause to "'suppossedly"' enhance the ability of the natural mind and body. Implementations have only been around since the developement of the computer chip, meaning the Biblical knowledge thousands and millions of years previous was advanced through the allknowing versus the controlling factor of the cause of illness.

Debate number three. Communication and information to make life more comfortable and less irritating is based upon the utilization and not the abuse of technologies. Implementations for the purpose of control disallows the natural process of growth from one generation to the next that has proven through various genealogies to have advanced society in every aspect possible; with the problems always being the abuse of those advancements. The example of the day is the realization that two paths can be taken in medicine, with one path leading to a longer healthier life, and the other path leading to a stableized industry based upon fraud. The year 1999 allowed for the means to scientifically prove this fact if ethical research had been allowed. The problem being a direction set prior to the truth that life is not a program unless you deny the creation thereof, and all that goes with infinitismal. Singularities are an abundance of information in any area of research with the human mind needing this factor to grow in understanding truth. Positive infinity versus negative infinity has the ability through relativity to represent anything, with the Biblical aspect being the most correct in that eternal damnation can be looked upon scientifically as negative infinity and everlasting life can be scientifically explained as positive infinity. Relativity was the beginning of all technologies in respect to all areas of society and the aeffects thereof; meaning that relativity was the basis to explain all occurrences in a scientific, Biblical, social, spiritual, medical, and any other subject matters means.

The ability to survive three-D and the factors beyond time do not allow for rationalization of theft. Did you take a life? Did you take money? Did you take with the rationalization being that it would be funny?