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Caterham CT03
Giedo van der Garde 2013 Malaysia FP1.jpg
Category Formula One
Constructor Caterham
Designer(s) Mark Smith (Technical Director)
Predecessor Caterham CT01
Successor Caterham CT05
Technical specifications[1][2]
Chassis Carbon fibre monocoque with honeycomb and kevlar structure
Suspension (front) Penske upper and lower wishbones, carbon-fibre suspension arms, inboard springs and dampers actuated by pushrods, adjustable anti-roll bar
Suspension (rear) Penske upper and lower wishbones, carbon-fibre suspension arms, inboard springs and dampers actuated by pullrods, adjustable anti-roll bar
Length Between 5,000-5,080 mm (197-200 in)
Width 1,800 mm (71 in)
Height 950 mm (37 in)
Wheelbase Between 3,000-3,200 mm (118-126 in)
Engine Renault RS27-2013 2.4 L (2,400 cc; 146 cu in) V8 (90°) naturally aspirated, 18,000 RPM limited including KERS, 12.8:1 compression ratio, mid-mounted
Transmission Red Bull Technology 7-speed semi-automatic sport gearbox electronically-controlled paddle shift including reverse, Caterham hydraulic/programmable limited-slip differential units
Power 750-830 hp (559-619 kW) @ 18000 rpm depending on KERS mode
Weight 642 kg (1,415 lb) including driver and fuel
Fuel Total Excellium 94.25% 102 RON unleaded gasoline + 5.75% biofuel
ATL fuel cell
Lubricants Total Quartz 7000
Tyres Pirelli P Zero radial dry slick and Pirelli Cinturato intermediate-wet treaded tyres
Front: 245/660 - R13
Rear: 325/660 - R13[3]
BBS forged magnesium alloy wheels
Front: 12 x 13 in
Rear: 13.7 x 13 in
Competition history
Notable entrants Caterham F1 Team
Notable drivers 20. France Charles Pic[4]
21. Netherlands Giedo van der Garde[5]
Debut 2013 Australian Grand Prix
Races Wins Poles F.Laps
19 0 0 0

The Caterham CT03[6] is a Formula One racing car designed by Mark Smith for the Caterham F1 team. It was used during the 2013 Formula One season, where it was driven by Charles Pic and Giedo van der Garde.[4][5] The car was unveiled on the eve of testing for the 2013 season at the Circuito de Jerez.[6]


The CT03 aroused controversy during pre-season testing. Lotus technical director James Allison observed details of the car's exhaust outlet that he believed contravened Article 5.8.4 of the technical regulations,[7] that prohibits the use of bodywork within a defined area with respect to the exhaust outlet.[8] The FIA later deemed this system to be illegal.[9] After driving the car during FP1 at Bahrain, Heikki Kovalainen stated the car was basically the previous year's car with nothing done to it.

After the initial three races of the season the CT03 received a major upgrade to improve handling and performance. The most noticeable part of this was the introduction of a vanity panel over the stepped-nose. Later in the season the vanity panel was removed again and the car was raced for the rest of the season without it.


Caterham F1 went into the 2013 season with livery changes. The white-yellow-white stripe in the front section was replaced by green as Caterham F1's main colour. The green became brighter unlike previous seasons when dark green was the team's main colour.

Complete Formula One results[edit]

(key) (results in bold indicate pole position; results in italics indicate fastest lap)

Year Entrant Engine Tyres Drivers Grands Prix Points WCC
2013 Caterham F1 Team Renault RS27-2013 P Charles Pic 16 14 16 17 17 Ret 18 15 17 15 Ret 17 19 14 18 Ret 19 20 Ret 0 11th
Giedo van der Garde 18 15 18 21 Ret 15 Ret 18 18 14 16 18 16 15 Ret Ret 18 19 18


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