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Caterina Bandini was a news anchor for WHDH Channel 7 News in Boston, Massachusetts. She would typically co-host with Randy Price. Caterina's last day at WHDH was August 3, 2006. She left because of an upcoming pregnancy in October.

An 11-year-veteran of the station who succeeded Kim Carrigan as the station's lead female anchor in 2001 is quoted as saying "Although putting our children and my husband first is the right choice in my head and my heart, choosing to leave the main anchor job at 7NEWS has still been an incredibly difficult decision for me to make," said Bandini. "The past 11 years here have been so fulfilling both professionally and personally. I have such respect for this organization and hope to leave with a door open, when and if the right time comes for me to return to work in a different capacity. Although many women successfully do it and have my complete respect, I know,for me, I cannot continue as one of the main anchors at 7NEWS while caring for two small babies. I thank 7 management and my partner and dear friend, Randy Price, for their continuing support during this exciting time."