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Cathy Moriarty
Born (1960-11-29) November 29, 1960 (age 53)
The Bronx, New York, U.S.
Occupation Actress
Years active 1980–present
Spouse(s) Carmine D'Anna (1981–1988)
Joseph Gentile (1999–present)

Cathy Moriarty (born November 29, 1960) is an American actress. She is known for her Oscar-nominated role as Jake LaMotta's wife in Martin Scorsese's Raging Bull.

Early Life[edit]

Moriarty was born in The Bronx, the daughter of Irish Catholic immigrants; Catherine, a homemaker, and John Moriarty, a warehouse worker.[1][2][3] Moriarty was raised in Yonkers, New York.


The 1980's[edit]

When Moriarty was 18 years old, her friends urged her to enter a bathing beauty contest at a bar. She decided to do it for humor:

"So, I go in there, and my knees are shaking, and I'm breaking out in goose bumps ‘cause I’m embarrassed and cold. All these guys are whistling and stuff. Then all of a sudden the emcee announces I won first prize, and I say, hey, this is really funny. So this Italian guy comes up and asks if he can take my picture and I say, sure, go ahead, ‘cause he’s gonna take it anyway. And whad’d’ya know, this same guy calls me three weeks later, says his name is Joe Peschi and asks if I’d like to test for a part in this movie about a boxer named Jake La Motta."[4]

In any event, Moriarty landed her debut role of Vikki LaMotta, the Lana Turner-esque girlfriend of Jake La Motta (played by Robert De Niro) in Martin Scorsese's Raging Bull (1980). Her performance garnered an her an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actress. A year later, she starred as Dan Aykroyd's destructive neighbor in the cult movie Neighbors. The film was received poorly at the box office. The same year, Moriarty married theatrical manager Carmine D’Anna, moved into a home in Malibu, California. In 1982, she was severely injured in a automobile accident that required her to undergo back surgery.[5] As well, she married theatrical manager Carmine D’Anna, moved into a home in Malibu, California.

"I can only say that nobody likes an overnight success in this town. I went for a lot of interviews, auditions and even cattle calls. I tried for parts and attended meetings, but it seemed I wasn’t right for any of the roles I wanted. And the parts I was offered didn't appeal to me. So I paid my dues, studying acting and losing my Yonkers accent. And oh yes, I cried an awful lot."[6]

In 1985, Moriarty was signed to co-star with Jack Nicholson in The Two Jakes. However, after one day of shooting, the picture closed down and would not release until 1990. Although, this time Moriarty was not attached to the film.[7]

It wasn't until 1987, when Moriarty returned to acting; her first role since Neighbors, was in the British thriller film, White of the Eye. In the film, she played the wife to David Keith's character. Two years later she made an appearance in the CBS's TV series Wiseguy - Episode: "Reunion".

The 1990's[edit]

At the start of the new decade, things were getting busy for Moriarty. In 1990, she appeared as a female reporter in the thriller film, Burndown. The same year, she had a minor role in Kindergarten Cop. Some time before 1991, Moriarty divorced from D’Anna.[8] In 1991, Moriarty played the part of Sally Field's character's, deranged and malicious co-star, Montana Moorehead in the soap opera parody film, Soapdish.

In 1992, she appeared as a swooned cigarette gir in the drama musical, The Mambo Kings, and a con artist in the horror anthology TV series, Tales from the Crypt - Episode: "Seance". For her performance garnered her a CableACE Award for Best Actress in a Dramatic Series. Her last performance for that year was as a hard-as-nails prostitute in the screwball comedy film, The Gun in Betty Lou's Handbag.

In 1993 found Moriarty starring opposite John Goodman as his character's wisecracking girlfriend and film goddess, in Joe Dante's period comedy film. She also had a supporting roles in the comedies Another Stakeout, the sequel to the 1987 film, Stakeout, and Me and the Kid.

In 1994, Moriarty guest starred as one-half of the husband/wife con-team in Universal Television's made for TV film, Another Midnight Run. Moriarty's next role would be as the flirty barfly in Peter Medak's adventure film, Pontiac Moon (1994).

In 1995, Moriarty appeared as Debra Winger's character's friend in the Romantic comedy, Forget Paris. Followed was the role of the vindictive Carrigan Crittende in the live action film, Casper. Shorlty after, Moriarty starred opposite Andrew Dice Clay in CBS's short lived TV series, Bless This House. CBS cancelled the series in 1996, it was the series's first season and 16th episode.

In 1996, Moriarty played Hedy Burress's character's mother in Foxfire, the film adaptation of Joyce Carol Oates's novel.

In 1997, Moritarty played an alcoholic mother of a boxing star in Opposite Corners; a mother to two sons, one a cop and one a crack addict in A Brother's Kiss; a former exotic dancer and aunt to Brad Hunt's character in Dream with the Fishes; a bitter alcoholic mother to Evan Rachel Wood's character in Digging to China; Michael Rapaport's character's aunt in Cop Land; and Alyssa Milano's character's mother in Hugo Pool.

The start of a new year found Moriarty providing voices for characters in the animated TV series, Stories from My Childhood -Episodes: "The Golden Rooster" and "The Wild Swans", and another animated TV series, Recess -Episode: "Kids in the Mist". Other performances of this year include, one Hilary Duff's character's witch [[|aunt|aunts]] in the direct-to-video film, Casper Meets Wendy; Randy Quaid's character's wife in the direct-to-video film, P.U.N.K.S.; and Sharon Stone's character's friend in Gloria, the remake of the 1980 film of the same name written and directed by John Cassavetes.

In 1999 Moriarty played an aunt in Crazy in Alabama, the film adaptation of Mark Childress's 1993 novel of the same name; Tara Spencer-Nairn's character's mother in New Waterford Girl, a Canadian drama-comedy film; and the founder and strict disciplinarian of a school that youth are mandated to reside at to "cure" themselves of their homosexuality in the satirical film But I'm a Cheerleader.

The 2000's[edit]

The start of a new century found Moriarty appearing as an FBI agent in Red Team; a abusive adoptive mother who adopts children only to collect assisted living in the family movie, Prince of Central Park; and a woman afraid to let go of the material world in the short film, Next Stop, Eternity.

In 2001, Moriarty guest starred as a widow suspected of killing her late husband, in Law & Order - Episode: "For Love or Money". A year later she appeared as crime boss Patti LoPresti in the mafia comedy film, and sequel to the 1999 film Analyze This. This was her last performance for eight years.

The 2010's[edit]

Moriarty returned to acting with a supporting performance in the romantic action comedy film The Bounty Hunter. She played a bookie who sends out two thugs to kill the film's main characters played by Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler. In 2011, she had a minor role as a nurse in the film 1320.

In 2013, Moriarty appeared as wife to Armand Assante's character in Once Upon a Time in Brooklyn; and a sarcastic waitress in the black comedy The Double. Moriarty returned to Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, this time as a different character - Lieutenant Toni Howard. Her character appeared on Season 14, Episode 22 - "Poisoned Motive", and Season 15, Episode 11 "Amaro's One-Eighty".

Personal life[edit]

Her first marriage was to Carmine D'Anna (1981–1988) (divorced). She has been married to Joseph Gentile since August 28, 1999. They have three children. Twins, Catherine Patricia and Joseph John, were born in 2000. Their third child, Annabella Rose, was born on Thursday, November 15, 2001 at Good Samaritan Hospital in West Islip, New York.

She is co-owner of Mulberry Street Pizza in Los Angeles, with partner Richard Palmer, a former companion. She lives in Dix Hills, New York.[9]



Year Title Role Notes
1980 Raging Bull Vickie La Motta
1981 Neighbors Ramona
1987 White of the Eye Joan White
1990 Burndown Patti Smart
1990 Kindergarten Cop Sylvester's Mother
1991 Soapdish Montana Moorehead / Nurse Nan
1992 Mambo Kings, TheThe Mambo Kings Lanna Lake
1992 Gun in Betty Lou's Handbag, TheThe Gun in Betty Lou's Handbag Reba Bush
1993 Matinee Ruth Corday / Carole
1993 Another Stakeout Lu Delano
1993 Me and the Kid Rose
1994 Pontiac Moon Lorraine
1995 Forget Paris Lois
1995 Casper Carrigan Crittenden
1996 Foxfire Martha Wirtz
1997 Women Without Implants Short film
1997 Opposite Corners Kathy Donatello
1997 Brother's Kiss, AA Brother's Kiss Doreen
1997 Dream with the Fishes Aunt Elise
1997 Digging to China Mrs. Frankovitz
1997 Cop Land Rose Donlan
1997 Hugo Pool Minerva
1998 Casper Meets Wendy Geri Video
1999 P.U.N.K.S. Mrs. Utley Video
1999 Gloria Diane
1999 Crazy in Alabama Earlene Bullis
1999 But I'm a Cheerleader Mary Brown
1999 New Waterford Girl Midge Benzoa
2000 Little Pieces
2000 Next Stop, Eternity Valentine Short film
2000 Red Team Stephanie Dobson
2000 Prince of Central Park Mrs. Ardis
2001 Lady and the Tramp II: Scamp's Adventure Ruby (voice) Video
2002 Analyze That Patti LoPresti
2010 Bounty Hunter, TheThe Bounty Hunter Irene
2011 1320 Nurse 2
2013 Once Upon a Time in Brooklyn Sarah Baldano
2013 Double, TheThe Double Post-production
2013 Sebastien Alice Post-production


Year Title Role Notes
1989 Wiseguy Denise Episode: "Reunion"
1992 Tales from the Crypt Alison Peters Episode: "Séance"
1994 Another Midnight Run Helen Bishop TV film
1994 Runaway Daughters Marie TV film
1995 Santo Bugito Queen Muddah Episode: "Load o' Bees"
1995 Tick, TheThe Tick Betty (voice) Episode: "Ants in Pants!"
1995 Adventures of Captain Zoom in Outer Space, TheThe Adventures of Captain Zoom in Outer Space Alumina (voice) TV film
1995–1996 Bless This House Alice Clayton Main role (16 episodes)
1997 Duckman (voice) Episode: "Aged Heat 2: Women in Heat"
1998 Stories from My Childhood The Crow / Princess 'Shamakhan' (voice) Episodes: "The Wild Swans", "The Golden Rooster"
1998 Recess Dr. Fitzenberg (voice) Episode: "Kids in the Mist"
1998 Traces of Insanity TV film
2000 Hunger, TheThe Hunger Maris Episode: "Bottle of Smoke"
2001 Law & Order Lorraine Corbin Episode: "For Love or Money"
2005 Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Denise Eldridge Episode: "Intoxicated"
2010 Law & Order: Criminal Intent Annalisa Gentillo Episodes: "Love on Ice", "The Mobster Will See You Now"
2013 Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Lt. Toni Howard Episode: "Poisoned Motive"

Awards and nominations[edit]

Academy Award

  • 1981: Nominated, "Best Actress in a Supporting Role" - Raging Bull

British Academy Film Awards

  • 1982: Nominated, "Most Outstanding Newcomer to Leading Film Roles" - Raging Bull

CableACE Award

  • 1993: Won, "Best Actress in a Dramatic Series" - Tales from the Crypt

DVD Exclusive Awards

  • 2001: Nominated, "Best Actress" - Red Team

Golden Globe Award

  • 1981: Nominated, "Best Motion Picture Actress in a Supporting Role" - Raging Bull
  • 1981: Nominated, "New Female Star of the Year in a Motion Picture" - Raging Bull


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