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Cathy Newman (born 14 July 1974)[1] is an English journalist and presenter of Channel 4 News.

Early life and career[edit]

Born in Guildford, Surrey, Newman is a daughter of two chemistry teachers, and was on the path to a career as a violinist or the legal profession before changing her plans as a result of seeing BBC journalist Kate Adie on television.[2] After graduating with a first[1] from Oxford University, where Newman read English at Lady Margaret Hall,[3] she briefly worked for Media Week and The Independent (as business correspondent)[4] before joining the Financial Times at the age of 23. Her older colleague Alice Rawsthorn acted as a mentor at the FT,[5] where Newman worked as a media and then (for three years) political correspondent. In 2000, Newman gained a Laurence Stern fellowship to work at The Washington Post for four months.[4] During her period in the US, she followed the 2000 Presidential campaign of Green Party candidate Ralph Nader.[2]

Channel 4 News[edit]

She joined Channel 4 News as a political correspondent (and deputy to political editor Gary Gibbon) in January 2006[6] in which role she managed in 2009 to challenge Peter Mandelson at the Labour Party conference, held in Brighton that year, over his claimed use of the 'c' word in a conversation with Rebekah Brooks, then CEO of News International.[7]

Newman became the first female co-presenter of the programme in 2011.[8] She has also headed the team behind the FactCheck blog which has resulted in several scoops for the programme.[6] From February 2013, she gained attention for her pursuit of a story about the allegations of improper conduct levelled at Lord Rennard, once a leading figure in the Liberal Democrats, including her participation in an LBC local London radio phone-in on 27 February to quiz deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg on the issue.[9][10] Newman has commented that sexism was endemic at Westminster during her period as a lobby correspondent there, but has also recounted said that the newspaper industry is even worse.[11]

Newman blogs on women in politics for The Daily Telegraph[12] and Economia magazine.[13] She was long-listed for the Orwell Prize (Journalism) in 2010[14] and again in 2011 for the blog prize.[15]

Personal life[edit]

In 2001 Newman married writer John O'Connell, whom she met at university. They have two children.[8]


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