Catwings Return

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First edition (publ. Orchard Books)

Catwings Return is a 1989 sequel to the 1988 book Catwings, by Ursula K. Le Guin.

Plot summary[edit]

James and Harriet return to the city to find their mother. When they arrive, they find a small black kitten with wings. They gain the kitten's trust and find their mother. The kitten is hers, lost when the old dumpster was moved. While the mother declines to return, she asks James and Harriet to bring the kitten with them. As they return to their home, the two children who were caring for them see her and name her Jane.

About the author[edit]

Ursula Le Guin is a poetry and prose writer, in different modes like children, Young adult books, science fiction and fantasy. Her Catwings series is a bestseller. Three of the titles have been finalists for The Pulitzer Prize and The American Book Award. Le Guin's writing had been honored with a National Book Award, several Hugo Awards, a The Margaret A. Edwards Award and five Nebula Awards.

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