Cowry Forces for an Emerging Benin

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Cowry Forces for an Emerging Benin
Leader Yayi Boni
Chairman Janvier Yahouédéou
Secretary-General Timothée Zannou
Ideology Liberalism[1][third-party source needed]
Political position Centre[citation needed]
National Assembly of Benin
41 / 83
Politics of Benin
Political parties

The Cowry Forces for an Emerging Benin (Forces Cauris pour un Bénin Emergent) is a political party of Benin, formed by supporters of president Yayi Boni. In the parliamentary election held on 31 March 2007, the party won 35 out of 83 seats. The party expanded its plurality to 41 seats in the 2011 election that followed the contested reelection of Yayi Boni as president.[2]


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