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CD1 cover of "Cave"
Single by Muse
from the album Showbiz
B-side CD1
Released 6 September 1999
Format 7", 2CD
Recorded April 1997 at Sawmills Studio, Cornwall
Genre New prog, alternative rock, alternative metal
Length 4:46 (Album version)
3:06 (Radio edit)
Label Taste/Mushroom
Writer(s) Matthew Bellamy
Producer(s) John Leckie
Muse singles chronology
(June 1999)
(September 1999)
"Muscle Museum"
(November 1999)
Showbiz track listing
"Falling Down"

"Cave" is the second single by English alternative rock band Muse, and the second to be released from their debut album, Showbiz. It was released on 7" vinyl—backed with an instrumental remix of the song—and double CD—backed with a remix of the song alongside "Twin," "Host," and "Coma";—on 6 September 1999 and reached #52 in the UK Singles Chart[1]—an improvement of 21 positions on "Uno". In the United States a five-track extended play was also released by Maverick Records. "Cave" also appears on the soundtrack for the film Little Nicky.


Bellamy has given two statements about what cave is about. Once he said it was about "an old friend of mine" in a strangely warbled voice before a live performance of the song and on a different occasion he stated "The idea for Cave came from that rubbish American book, Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus. There's this bit about how men go into a cave when they get stressed and I think that's probably true, although, personally, I tend to let it out. I did have a bit of a tantrum in my hotel bathroom last night - but I managed to repair the toilet, so that's OK."


A piano version of this song was played during the Resistance Tour live performances, which marks the first time in 8 years the song had been performed live. Matt Bellamy has stated he dislikes performing this song because of the extended word "Cave" during the chorus.[citation needed]

Track listings[edit]

All songs written and composed by Matthew Bellamy

7" (MUSH58S)
No. Title Length
1. "Cave"   4:46
2. "Cave" (instrumental remix) 5:04
Total length:
No. Title Length
1. "Cave"   4:46
2. "Twin"   3:18
3. "Cave" (remix) 5:08
Total length:
No. Title Length
1. "Cave"   4:46
2. "Host"   4:17
3. "Coma"   3:35
Total length:
Promo EP (MUSE 3)
No. Title Length
1. "Cave" (radio edit) 3:06
2. "Host"   4:17
3. "Twin"   3:18
4. "Coma"   3:35
5. "Cave" (remix) 5:08
Total length:
United States promo EP (Maverick PRO-CD-100019)
No. Title Length
1. "Cave" (radio edit) 3:06
2. "Muscle Museum" (live acoustic version) 4:45
3. "Unintended" (live acoustic version) 4:08
4. "Coma"   3:35
5. "Cave" (remix) 5:08
Total length:


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