Cavender Is Coming

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"Cavender is Coming"
The Twilight Zone episode
Episode no. Season 3
Episode 101
Directed by Christian Nyby
Written by Rod Serling
Featured music Horst Jankowski's A Walk in the Black Forest
Production code 4827
Original air date May 25, 1962
Guest actors

Jesse White: Harmon Cavender
Carol Burnett: Agnes Grep
Howard Smith: Polk
Frank Behrens: Stout
John Fiedler: Field Rep #3
Sandra Gould: Woman
Donna Douglas: Woman #1
Albert Carrier: Frenchman
Barbara Morrison: Matron
Danny Kulick: Boy
Jack Younger: Truck Driver
Maurice Dallimore: Man
Pitt Herbert: Field Rep #2
Stan Jones: Field Rep #4
Adrienne Marden: Woman #2
Robert McCord: Waiter
Rory O'Brien: Little Boy
William O'Connell: Field Rep #1
Norma Shattue: Little Girl
Roy N. Sickner: Bus Driver

Episode chronology
← Previous
"I Sing the Body Electric"
Next →
"The Changing of the Guard"
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"Cavender is Coming" is an episode of the American television anthology series The Twilight Zone.

Opening narration[edit]


Agnes Grep is unemployed and behind on her rent. She is visited by Harmon Cavender, her guardian angel who has to make Agnes happier in 24 hours to "earn his wings" (in other words, become a fully vested angel).

At one point, Cavender tries to change the bus in which Agnes is riding into a convertible with a chauffeur. However, Cavender makes errors twice, so they decided to get back to the bus, causing the bus driver to resign. Cavender provides riches and friends, a luxurious apartment and an active social life, but while it is a dazzling run, Agnes realizes she is happier with her normal life, despite all its shortcomings. Cavender reluctantly restores everything to the way it was and returns to Heaven.

To his surprise, he earns Polk the Head Angel's approval upon seeing Agnes' happiness. However, the Head Angel determines that before Cavender can earn his wings, he must help "other deserving subjects down there" and "those" will be his assignments for future evaluation. Polk muses, "In a strange way, I feel sorry for them..."

Closing narration[edit]

Episode notes[edit]

This episode was originally broadcast with a laugh track — the only Twilight Zone episode to feature one — because this episode was intended as a backdoor pilot for a regular comedy series featuring the Cavender character. The version included in The Twilight Zone - The Complete Definitive Collection DVD set has the laugh track removed. Reruns airing in the US on Sci Fi Channel and ME-TV also have the laugh track removed.

The essential premise of this episode is exactly the same as the first-season Twilight Zone episode "Mr. Bevis". Both episodes are comedies about well-meaning guardian angels who try to help kind-hearted but hapless human beings by magically giving them everything they think they desire — only to discover the humans are happier with the way life had been previously. Both episodes were written by Rod Serling.


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