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Cavendish College
Cavendish College London
Founder(s) Siamak Taslimi
Established 1985 (1985)
Principal Dr John Sanders
Staff 50

London, United Kingdom

(51°31′11.5″N 0°7′56.3″W / 51.519861°N 0.132306°W / 51.519861; -0.132306Coordinates: 51°31′11.5″N 0°7′56.3″W / 51.519861°N 0.132306°W / 51.519861; -0.132306)
Address 37 Alfred Place
London WC1E 7DP

The Cavendish College London (CCL) or Cavendish College was recognized as Efficient by The British Accreditation Council for Independent, Further and Higher Education. Provided courses in computing, creative studies, digital media, business and hospitality. The college was part of Cavendish International Ltd, however the Cavendish College London closed on December 2011 but other Cavendish approved centres internationally still operating under the Cavendish International Ltd.


The college was established in 1985. In 2004 Cavendish expanded its operation in Africa and opened a university in Zambia (Cavendish University Zambia) after four years successful operation in Zambia the brand expanded to Uganda in 2008 and opened its second university in Uganda (Cavendish University Uganda). On 23 December 2011, it announced that it would be closing Cavendish College London with immediate effect. All existing students were offered the opportunity to transfer to the nearby St. Patrick's College, London.[1]

Galleries, collections and lectures[edit]

CCL had Multimedia studios, darkrooms, interactive media and animation suites, as well as specialist printing, printmaking workshops.


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