Caverns of Zeux

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Caverns of Zeux is an action/adventure game designed for Megazeux that was created by Gregory Janson that is generally praised by other users of the GCM.


Chronologically placed after Labyrinth of Zeux, it targets Vince, an archaeologist, who, after finding the Silver Staff in Labyrinth of Zeux, gets trapped in a twisting system of caverns, hence the name. He, after seeing his reflection in a pool of water, is shocked to discover that he has become a dwarf. He comments that "the place seems to have a sort of magical aura, not to mention a lingering stench." After finding five "rainbow gems", the game kicks off and Vince sets out on an adventure in The Caverns of Zeux. In the end, it turns out that The Caverns and The Labyrinth are both just simulations, and he ends up in a cell in a large building, thus transitioning into Chronos Stasis.