Cayenne (Dutch colony)

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Kolonie Cayenne
Dutch colony

Flag Coat of arms
Capital Cayenne
Languages Dutch, French
Political structure Colony
 -  Seized from France 1658
 -  Recaptured by France 1664

Cayenne was a Dutch colony in South America, seized from France by the Dutch West Indies Company in 1658. The territory is now known as French Guiana. Among its original settlers were a significant body of Jews. In 1659, the DWIC gave a group of Brazilian Jews permission to establish plantations in Cayenne; these Jews had been expelled from Portugal due to their faith.

In the year 1658 the WIC conquered Cayenne from the French. Among the settlers from Holland was a significant group of Jews.

The following year, the French invaded, attempting to recapture the colony. The Dutch managed to repel the attack.[why?]

The colony was governed by a Dutch commander, and several settlements and plantations were founded. After several attacks on the colony by the French, it was ordered returned to its former rulers in 1664. This was partly due to the colony's failure to produce trade profits.

In 1676, the Dutch again captured Cayenne, but a year later it was recaptured by the French. Cayenne is still a French overseas department to this day.


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