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EP Live
EP by CeCe Peniston
Released July 14, 2008 (2008-07-14)
Recorded April 25, 2007 (2007-04-25)
Genre Live
Length 23:51

One Media Publishing
CreateSpace (2011)

Music sample
CeCe Peniston chronology
Music Is Our Way of Life
EP Live
Divas of Disco: Live

"CeCe Peniston" also known as "EP Live" is a digital EP by the artist CeCe Peniston and released on July 14, 2008, on One Media Publishing.

The lead track of the EP (recorded in April 2007 at Avalon, Hollywood) featured Peniston's R&B hit from 1992 "Keep On Walkin'. The other tracks included Last Dance (cover version of the Donna Summer's hit from 1978), and her own Finally from 1991.

The virtual EP was later attached to the live CD Divas of Disco: Live, which was released on Pegasus in 2010 in Europe.[1] Since January 14, 2011 the EP is manufactured on demand by CreateSpace (part of the Amazon) also on CD.[2]

Credits and personnel[edit]

Additional credits notes

Track listing[edit]

Digital EP Live[3]
  1. "Keep On Walkin'" (Live Version) - 7:06
  2. "Last Dance" (Live Version) - 6:06
  3. "Finally" (Live Version) - 10:39

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