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Coordinates: 10°18′1.52″N 123°53′43.02″E / 10.3004222°N 123.8952833°E / 10.3004222; 123.8952833 Cebu City Sports Complex is a major track and field stadium located in Cebu City, Philippines. The complex was built by the city to accommodate large events of various kinds.[1] It is owned and managed by the city government.[2] A number of major events have taken place at the Complex, including large concerts, sports events, and governmental activities.

The Sinulog foundation, responsible for the organization of the Sinulog Festival, is taking office in the complex and the Sinulog contest is usually held there.[3] It is a major site for boxing in the Philippines.[4] The Cebu City Sports Complex has been used by the local government to discuss political problems, like population transfer and urban renewal with local neighborhood organizations[5] and for a government job fair.[6] On August 2012 the PFF that the stadium will host its first ever international match, a friendly between Singapore national football team and the Philippine Azkals, the country's national football team. On August 27, 2014, the stadium again hosted a football friendly match, this time between Malaysia and the Azkals.

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