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Cecilia Soto González is a Mexican politician and candidate of Labor Party (PT) to the Presidency of Mexico in the year 1994.


Cecilia Soto González started her political career as member of the Authentic Party of the Mexican Revolution and resigned from it to accept the presidential nomination of the PT. After the presidential campaign, and in spite of the good results, she had problems with the direction of the party when it did not accept to discuss a series of reforms that she proposed and moved away from the party. Ceclia Soto is still considered a prominent Mexican politician. From 1988 to 1991, she was a local representative at the State Congress of Sonora, and from 1991 to 1994 she was Federal representative in the National Chamber of deputies in Mexico City. Ms. In 2000 she was appointed Mexican Ambassador to Brazil bt President Vicente Fox, post that she kept until 2006. In late 2008, Mexican businessman Carlos Slim Helu appointed her as Executive Director of one of Slim's non profit organization for promoting Education. Ms Soto Gonzalez is based in Mexico City.

In 2000, Vicente Fox appointed her as an Ambassador of Mexico to Brazil,[1] a position she remained in until 2006. According to Historical records of Mexican diplomats appointed in Brazil, Soto Gonzalez was one of the more active Mexican diplomats in Brazil and she traveled very extensively in most of Brazilian territory and she worked very closely with Mexican business people to promote Mexican firms in Brazil and Brazilian corporations' presence in Mexico. Historically the diplomatic and political relations between Brazil and Mexico have been very complex and sometimes openly competing for leadership in the Latin American and Caribbean countries. Soto had a soft and friendly approach to erase political frictions among both countries.

In 2006, she supported PAN candidate, Felipe Calderón.


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