Cedar Mount Academy

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Cedar Mount Academy
Cedar Mount Academy Logo.jpg
Manchester, England
United Kingdom
Type Academy
Established 2012
Headteacher Mr P. Rice
Deputy head N/A
Teaching staff 100+[citation needed]
Number of students 900+
School colour(s) Green, Yellow, Black

Cedar Mount Academy is an academy (English school) in Gorton, Manchester, England. The school caters for boys and girls aged 11–16 years and is located in the East of the city of Manchester.

The school has moved into the new building with Melland High School called Gorton Education Village. They moved into this new state-of-the-art building in 2008. The school has its own website in which parents can visit in which to gain information, make inquiries and read about upcoming events.

Academy Status[edit]

In late 2011/early 2012 it was announced that Cedar Mount High School would be transformed into Cedar Mount Academy. On 1 June 2012 Cedar Mount had officially gained its academy status.[citation needed]

House System[edit]

Cedar Mount has a house system which is incorporated in the school life. There are four houses which the system offers, each of which is named after a famous person from history:

House Name House Colour
Da Vinci Yellow
Marie Curie Purple
Galileo Green
Aristotle Blue
Rosetti Red

The houses are composed of smaller forms which use a 'vertical tutoring system' where roughly around 3 students from each year group (7, 8, 9, 10 and 11) join together to make a form. The system is aimed at improving school life and relationships between students.


Cedar Mount High School was founded in 2000, after the merger of Ellen Wilkinson High School and Spurley Hey High Schools on the Mount Road site.

During the Conservative Party conference which was held in Manchester in 2011, Prime Minister David Cameron visited the school on 4 October 2011.[citation needed] There he met the staff from Cedar Mount High School along with a handful of Year 11 pupils. He did a live video call to the conference from the school where he described the school as "absolutely inspirational" and congratulated the headteacher, stating that "It's not rocket science. It's about good leadership." Cameron also praised the schools future ambitions and rise in standards.[citation needed]

On 1 June 2012 Cedar Mount had officially turned into an academy.

Joining of schools[edit]

The school's decision to join with Melland High School was made between Judith O'Kane, headteacher of Melland's High School, and former headteacher of Cedar Mount High School, Guy Hutchence. They believed that "inclusion was priority", and as a result, both shared a dream of the two schools joining together, where SEN and mainstream students could mingle, and work in the same school.

In the words of O'Kane, the joining was a "complete success" and "had went better than we could have hoped".

Also read this page on information about the new school building and the joining of the SEN college and the high school.

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