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Cedarbrae Collegiate Institute
Cedarbrae CI Logo.svg
Hic Patet Ingeniis Campus
Here is a place where you can develop your talents
Cedarbrae CI.jpg
550 Markham Road
Woburn, Scarborough, Ontario, M1H 2A2, Canada
Coordinates 43°45′23″N 79°13′33″W / 43.75639°N 79.22583°W / 43.75639; -79.22583Coordinates: 43°45′23″N 79°13′33″W / 43.75639°N 79.22583°W / 43.75639; -79.22583
School number 4124 / 899178
School board Toronto District School Board
(Scarborough Board of Education)
Religious affiliation Secular
Superintendent John Chasty
Area trustee David Smith
Principal Michel Le Blanc
Vice Principals Ted Chamot
Paula Pink-Grant
Sharon Ramlochan
Administrator Sandy Koster
School type Public High School
Grades 9-12
Language English/French
Area Scarborough
Mascot Cedric the Colt
Team name Cedarbrae Colts
Cedarbrae Dolphins (Swim Team)
Colours Green, Blue, and White             
Founded 1961
Status Active
Enrollment 1321 (2012-13)
Homepage Cedarbrae Collegiate Institute

Cedarbrae Collegiate Institute (CCI or Cedarbrae CI, formerly Cedarbrae Secondary School) is a Toronto District School Board semestered public high school in Toronto, Ontario, the schools serves immersion and extended French students and houses approximately 1267 students as of Fall 2010.


Cedarbrae Secondary School was granted by the then-Scarborough Board of Education in 1958 at a cost of over $3,500,000 on the hillside overlooking the site of Peter Secor's grist mill of 1830, on the west side of the Markham Road. The building was built in 1959 and opened for classes in September 1961 as Scarborough's seventh collegiate as well as the first composite hybrid academic and vocational high school.[1] The school adopted its present name Cedarbrae Collegiate Institute later on. Cedarbrae C.I. celebrated its 50th Anniversary on May 27, 2011


The school is the largest by size in Scarborough consisting of 16 acres located on Markham Road, south of Lawrence Ave, north of Eglinton Ave and one of the largest schools by size in the former Scarborough Board of Education (the other being Woburn, David and Mary Thomson, Albert Campbell and Midland Avenue). The facilities include a gymnasium which can be partitioned into three smaller gymnasiums, a pool, 2 auto technology shops, a film studio, a fitness room and dance studio next to it, a cafeteria with a serving room on the southwestern side, and a library (Howard R. Campbell Resource Centre). Cedarbrae also has a 400m track behind the school facing west and is one of the few schools in Toronto which still has a performance theater stage in its auditorium.

Cedarbrae also has a unique layout to which the Technology Department is separated form the rest of the school. Cedarbrae is located on a hill like landscape which causes the schools two wings to be at different elevations; because of this the academic side (Markham Rd and Eastpark Blvd) is known as Floors 1, 2, and 3, while the tech wing (Markham Rd and Greencedar Circuit) is known as floors 4 and 5. The school has 15 fire exits.

Specialty programs[edit]

Immersion and Extended French[edit]

The immersion and extended French programs give enrolled students a chance to broaden their learning of French as a second language but must remain in their chosen program until graduation to maintain status. Cedarbrae requires students enrolled in such programs to exhibit good attendance and a good academic performance or will risk being dismissed from the program.

Immersion students require 11 French credits in order to receive their Honours Certificate of Bilingual Studies in French Immersion. Extended French students require 8 French credits to receive their Honours Certificate of Bilingual Studies in Extended French. French credits can be obtained by taking available courses in French such as: French, Geography, Gym, Art, History, Math (immersion), and Civics & Careers.

Special Arts[edit]

Starting in grade 9, students will study in depth how the elements and principles of design are applied to various art forms. In this program, students study the ideas, techniques, and attitudes of the professional artist by learning how to use the tools of the trade such as current computer hardware and software in courses like "Computers in Art".

Students who wish to enroll in Cedarbrae's Special Art Program must complete an admission test, provide a letter of recommendation from an art teacher, and submit a copy of their transcript to student services. [1]

In the news[edit]

June 23, 2010 Fire[edit]

At approximately 10:30 pm June 23, 2010, emergency crews responded to a fire in the office area of the school. A young man was charged, with reports that he was a former student. The fire resulted in the postponement of final exams scheduled for June 24.[2]

Notable alumni[edit]

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