Cedric Nocon

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Cedric Nocon
Born Cedric Nocon
(1974-01-20) January 20, 1974 (age 41)
Quezon City, Philippines
Nationality Filipino
Area(s) Creator, Writer, Artist, Penciller
Notable works
The Darkness
Team Youngblood

Cedric Nocon (born January 20, 1974, in Quezon City, Philippines) is a Filipino[1] comic book artist with credited work at Marvel Entertainment, DC Comics, Top Cow Productions, Wildstorm Productions, Extreme Studios, Boom! Studios, Maximum Press, and Digital Webbing.[2]


Heroic Publishing[edit]

Cedric Nocon began his comic book professional career in 1993 at the age of 18. His early works include cover and interior art for such titles as League of Champions and Flare published by Heroic Publishing.

Extreme Studios and Maximum Press[edit]

In 1994, he joined Extreme Studios, a comic book production company founded by Rob Liefeld. During his 3-year tenure at the company, he was a regular series artist for the comic book title Supreme[3] and was credited for various cover and interior artworks on Deathmate, Team Youngblood,[4] Youngblood Strikefile, Youngblood Battlezone, Extreme Sacrifice.,[5] Youngblood Battlezone, Brigade, and Brigade Sourcebook.

Maximum Press, a subsidiary publishing company of Extreme Studios, also published Nocon's work on special comic book issues of Avengelyne and Glory.

Wildstorm, Marvel, DC Comics, and Awesome Entertainment[edit]

In 1997, Nocon began working for Wildstorm Productions, a comic book publishing company founded by Jim Lee. He started as guest artist on the title The Grifter, and later as a regular artist on Wetworks,[6] a comic book series created by Whilce Portacio. That same year, he was credited on X-Men,[7] The Uncanny X-Men, and The Beast[8] published by Marvel Entertainment, as well as DCU Holiday Bash published by DC Comics. His artwork briefly appeared in a limited crossover comic book series called Judgment Day published by Awesome Entertainment, a media venture company founded by Rob Liefeld.

Top Cow Productions[edit]

From 1998-2000, Nocon created comic book art for Top Cow Productions, an entertainment and publishing company founded by Marc Silvestri. His creative work appeared in the pages of such titles as The Darkness,[9][10][11] Tales Of The Darkness,[12] Tales Of The Witchblade,[13][14] Cyberforce, Mace Griffin: Bounty Hunter, and Weapon Zero.

Independent Publishers[edit]

Cedric Nocon continues to freelance for numerous independent publishers. He has produced work for a variety of comic books such as North Wind published by Boom! Studios and the video game tie-in Bloodrayne[15][16] by Digital Webbing.


Major published comic book work includes:


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