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Celebrate Recovery, also referred to as CR, is a Christ-based approach to recovery that was a response to twelve-step programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous. It was founded in 1990 by Pastors John Baker and Rick Warren of Saddleback Church, and is aimed at all "hurts, habits, and hang-ups", including but not limited to drug and alcohol addictions, sex addiction, eating disorders, anxiety disorders, and people who have been sexually abused.[1] The founders felt that Alcoholics Anonymous was too vague in referring to God as a "higher power," and wanted a more specifically Christ-based program. Celebrate Recovery utilizes eight Recovery Principles that are based on the Sermon on the Mount.[2] At the Faith-Based and Community Initiative Conference in 2004, U.S. President George W. Bush praised John Baker and Celebrate Recovery by saying that, "government is not good at changing hearts. But people like John Baker has been good about it and successful doing that."[3]

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