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Celebrity Says! is a game show that premiered in early 2008 on the TV Guide Channel, created by Michael Krupat and hosted by Dave Holmes. On each episode, three contestants guess what celebrities say from footage taken of interviews for the TV Guide Channel.

Round 1 (Red Carpet Hustle)[edit]

In round 1, video footage of a celebrity interview taken during Red Carpet premieres are shown. After the video stops, Dave reads off three choices as to what the celebrity might've said, and the contestants lock in their answers. The video resumes playing, and if the contestant (or contestants) match the celebrity's quote, they earn 100 points. There is no penalty for a wrong answer (throughout the whole show, not just this round)

Round 2 (Who Said That?)[edit]

Played like round 1, except Dave reads off a quote, and the contestants have to guess which of three celebrities said that in an interview for TV Guide Channel. Correct answers earn 200 points.

Round 3 (Speed Round)[edit]

A typical speed round, with 90 seconds worth of triple-choice questions, each worth 300 points. Players must wait until the entire question is finished (including the choices) before buzzing in, and only two players may attempt each question. When time runs out, the contestant with the highest score wins the game and plays the "Starmageddon" round for $5,000. If the game ends in a tie, whether it be between two players in the lead or all three, Dave reads one last question, and the first to ring in gets to answer, and if correct, wins the game.

Round 4 (Starmageddon)[edit]

The contestant is asked five dual-choice questions about one celebrity, the last one always being to figure out what the celebrity said in an interview for TV Guide Channel. After the player answers all five questions, the results are revealed. The contestant wins $200 for each correct answer; if the contestant can answer all five answers correctly, he or she wins $5,000.

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