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Celelalte Cuvinte (The Other Words) is a Romanian rock band from Oradea, founded in December 1981, in Timişoara and still active to this day. Although it is generally accepted that Celelalte Cuvinte is a Heavy Metal band, the members experienced some other genres like doom metal in the Armaghedon album - an almost unique experience in Romanian rock music, some influences being present also in the Destin album of the band Cargo - or, recently, like alternative rock - in the NOS album.

Celelalte Cuvinte is the first Romanian rock band that actually got the attention of the audiences that wanted elaborated music, after Phoenix left the country. However, the Armaghedon album is definitely an underground one, so the band is both important for mainstream and underground Romanian music.

On September 12, 2008, the band has decided to make two songs form the new album - "Stem" and "Zmeie", the single that promotes the new album, available for streaming on their MySpace page. The album, called "Stem", was released in October 2008.

The band continues to play concerts all over Romania.



  • Formatii Rock 8 (Rock Bands 8) (LP, 1984) (tracks were republished on the Celelalte Cuvinte CD in 2006)
  • Celelalte Cuvinte (The Other Words) (LP, 1987) (republished on CD in 2006)
  • Celelalte Cuvinte II (The Other Words II) (LP, 1990) (republished on CD in 2006)
  • Se lasă rău (Evil is coming) (LP, 1992)
  • Armaghedon (Armageddon) (MC, CD, 1995) (republished in 2007 as a limited edition digipack)
  • Vinyl Collection (MC, CD, 1996) (contains most tracks from the first three LPs)
  • Ispita (The Temptation) (MC, 1997)
  • NOS (MC, CD, 2004)
  • Stem (CD, 2008)

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