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Celia Holman Lee (born 22 November 1950) is an Irish model, fashion stylist and television presenter.

Celia Holman Lee started out as a model at the age of 15 while still at school[1] after being approached while working as a shop assistant.[2] She has been described by the Daily Mirror as having been "Ireland's most successful model"[2] and by the Daily Mail as having been Ireland's "most sought after face in the seventies and eighties".[3] She founded her own modelling agency, Celia Holman-Lee Model Agency, at the age of 22 and has run it for over 30 years, making it the longest running modelling agency in Ireland.[1][2]

Celia Holman Lee made her first television appearance on The Late Late Show.[1] She makes regular appearances on TV3, as well as regularly doing the fashion slot on Ireland AM.[1] In 2010 she won the Celebrity Salon reality programme on TV3 at the age of 59 to be described as "Best in Beauty".[4][5]

In 2007 she topped a list for Social and Personal as the most invited person to parties, taking over from the then Taoiseach, Bertie Ahern.[6] In 2002 she won a VIP Most Stylish Woman Award and was nominated for the award again in 2010, while in 2008 she was made RSVP Magazine's Business Woman of the Year.[7]

Holman-Lee has lived in Limerick for the past 35 years with her husband Ger Lee.[1] She has two children, Cecile, who works in the office at the modelling agency, and Ivan,[1] and became a grandmother in 2008.[8]


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