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French Société anonyme corporation with board of directors
Industry Biotechnology, genome engineering, oncology
Founded 1999
Headquarters Paris XIIIème (France), New Brighton (Minnesota) United States
Key people
André Choulika, David Sourdive
Website www.cellectis.com

Founded in 1999,[1] Cellectis is a gene-editing company focused on developing immunotherapies based on gene edited engineered CAR-T cells (UCART). The company’s mission is to develop a new generation of cancer therapies based on engineered T cells. Cellectis capitalizes on its 15 years of expertise in genome engineering - based on its flagship TALEN™ products and meganucleases and pioneering electroporation PulseAgile technology - to create a new generation of immunotherapies. CAR technologies are designed to target surface antigens expressed on cells. Using its life-science-focused, pioneering genome-engineering technologies, Cellectis’ goal is to create innovative products in multiple fields and with various target markets. Cellectis is listed on the Nasdaq Global Market (ticker: CLLS) and on the NYSE Alternext market (ticker: ALCLS).


Calyxt, Inc.[edit]

Founded in 2010, Calyxt, Inc. (previously Cellectis plant sciences, Inc.) is based in New Brighton, Minnesota (United States). The company has developed a platform to improve the quality of crops for the food and agriculture industries. Calyxt, Inc. is involved in a network of collaborations that include global companies (Bayer, Monsanto, SESVanderhave among others), as well as leading healthcare (Medicago) and food companies. Calyxt, Inc. is developing innovative product candidates with prominent partners in order to secure accessibility of its products to consumers.

Cellectis, Inc.[edit]

Cellectis, Inc. is based in New York City, New York (United States)[2] and will support the development of its CAR-T pipeline, a significant part of its innovation in oncology research, as well as other types of therapeutic indications.


André Choulika, PhD, is the Chairman, CEO, and founder of Cellectis. Dr Choulika is a pioneer in the analysis and use of meganucleases to modify complex genomes. After receiving his PhD in molecular virology from the University of Paris VI (Pierre et Marie Curie), he completed a research fellowship in the Harvard Medical School Department of Genetics. Later, while working in the Division of Molecular Medicine at Boston Children’s Hospital, he developed the first approaches to meganuclease-based human gene therapy. Dr Choulika also has management training from the HEC (Challenge +).

The Executive Committee[edit]

  • André Choulika, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
  • Mathieu Simon, MD, Executive Vice President, Chief Operating Officer
  • David Sourdive, Executive Vice President of Corporate Development
  • Philippe Duchateau, Chief Scientific Officer
  • Thierry Moulin, Chief Financial Officer

The Board of Directors[edit]

  • André Choulika, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
  • David Sourdive, Director, Executive Vice President Corporate Development
  • Alain Godard, Independent director
  • Pierre Bastid, Director
  • Laurent Arthaud, Director
  • Annick Schwebig, Director
  • Institut Pasteur, Non-voting Director


Find all scientific publications on Cellectis' website[3]

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