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Celliant is a brand-name synthetic polymer bi-component fiber made from polyethylene terephthalate with optically active particles embedded into the core. Created by Hologenix, LLC, fabrics containing Celliant have been shown to increase oxygenation in body tissue and demonstrated to reduce minor aches and pains.[1] Initially marketed as Holofiber, Hologenix changed the name to Celliant to avoid confusion about the nature of the core of its fiber. Celliant has been shown to interact with electromagnetic emissions (e.g. infrared light) produced by the human body to achieve the increased oxygenation.[2]


Because of oxygenation's performance benefits,[3] Celliant is being used in products by athletic apparel manufacturers like Saucony[4] and Reebok.[5] Celliant is currently being used in bedding, home therapy, medical bandages, and veterinary products.[6]


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