Cenderawasih Bay

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Cenderawasih Bay

Cenderawasih Bay (Indonesian: Teluk Cenderawasih, means : Bird of Paradise Bay), also Teluk Sarera (Sarera Bay), formerly Geelvink Bay (Dutch: Geelvinkbaai) is a large bay in northern Province of Papua and West Papua, New Guinea, Indonesia, at 2°30′S 135°18′E / 2.5°S 135.3°E / -2.5; 135.3Coordinates: 2°30′S 135°18′E / 2.5°S 135.3°E / -2.5; 135.3. The Dutch name comes from a Dutch ship and family called Geelvinck. The western part of the bay was declared a marine national park in 2002.

Islands in the Bay[edit]

West Papua Province:

Papua Province:

The Wamma River, Tabai River, Warenai River, and Wapoga Rivers empty into it. The Mapia Islands lies to the north, and south of Palau. Bird's Head Peninsula makes the northwest part of the Bay.