Centenario (borough)

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Borough (Delegación) of Tijuana
Delegación Centenario
Centenario is located in Tijuana
Location within Central Tijuana
Coordinates: 32°32′09″N 116°56′35″W / 32.535857°N 116.942951°W / 32.535857; -116.942951Coordinates: 32°32′09″N 116°56′35″W / 32.535857°N 116.942951°W / 32.535857; -116.942951
Country Mexico
State Baja California
Municipality (municipio) Tijuana
Area code(s) 664

Centenario is a borough of the municipality of Tijuana in Baja California, Mexico.

This borough is one of the farthest east in Tijuana. This is the borough with the largest number of factories and maquiladoras. Its largest colony is Ciudad Industrial ("Industrial City"). Three of the city's most important streets, Boulevard Bellas Artes, Boulevard Industrial and Mexican Federal Highway 2, are located here. This delegacion contains the Otay Mesa Port of Entry to the United States and the Friendship Park (Parque de la Amistad).