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Centenary Quay (also known as Woolston Riverside), is a new development which has commenced in the suburb of Woolston in Southampton. The development is being built on the site of 31 acres, which was previously home to Vosper Thorneycroft shipbuilders because of its ideal placement on the eastern bank of the River Itchen.[1]


The initial plans were submitted in May 2008 for a mixed residential and commercial development of the quay. There are also plans for a Yacht building firm to move in and create 700 new jobs along with a 46,500 sq ft (4,320 m2) supermarket. The plans include houses of all different types, Crest Nicholson are offering 2,3 or 4 bedroom houses as well as building 3 large skyscrapers which will contain hundreds of flats, a hotel and restaurants. The plans were agreed in August of that year.[2] It is hope that the development will have a positive effect acting as a catalyst for the local economy creating new jobs, homes and retail areas. The local community feel Woolston is in need of a boost to its economy as many shops on the high-street have closed due to the economic downturn.


The Site, May 2007 before demolition of the final smaller shed and crane.

By late 2008, work began to clear the site of harmful materials and any other pollutants such as hydrocarbons, asbestos and harmful metals leftover from the demolition of the dated Vosper Thornycroft warehouses and workshops. BAM Nuttall were contracted to complete this part of the work, and it soon became apparent that it would turn into a more complex operation than previously thought. Therefore this delayed progress.[3]

With the now cleared site being left redundant for over a year, it was wondered if development had come to a standstill. Southampton City Council said that it was due to the economic climate but and was confident that Crest Nicholson would be moved onto the site with the work in the coming months.

In July 2010, a foundation laying ceremony was held to commence the beginning of building work. Local councillors attended and the foundation stone was laid by Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, Eric Pickles.[4][5]

In January 2011 "Phase One" of the development, development of around fifty 3 bedroom terrace houses, neared completion.


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