Center for Army Analysis

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Center for Army Analysis
CAA Logo.jpg
CAA Logo
Country United States
Branch Army
Type Research and development
Garrison/HQ Fort Belvoir, Virginia
Director Wm. Forrest Crain
Director Emeritus E.B. Vandiver III

The Center for Army Analysis (CAA)[1] is a US Army organization under the Deputy Chief of Staff G-8[nb 1] (DCS G-8) [2] which is responsible for studying how the US Army, along with other branches of the US Military, can work together to become a more effective, and more cohesive, fighting force.


Mission of CAA is to conduct analysis of Army forces and systems in the context of joint and combined warfighting. The CAA provides analytical studies focusing on theater-level, Joint and combined operations, and Army-wide processes providing required Army forces and systems. These studies help senior Army leadership, the Army Staff, and operational commanders address transformation, programming and budgeting, and operational issues. Full-time analysts are deployed in Afghanistan, Africa, and the Pacific, providing operations research and analysis support to senior commanders. CAA further supports deployed forces with more sophisticated operations research and analytical capabilities through its real-time reach back operations at Fort Belvoir, Virginia. Making the Army Vision Reality, the CAA has helped shape modernization, Reset, and transformation strategies; base realignment and stationing decisions; and resource allocation issues; thereby saving taxpayer dollars and enhancing force efficiency.[2]


  1. ^ See the Continental Staff System for an explanation of "letter-number" designations (e.g. G-8)

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