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The Center for Medicine in the Public Interest (CMPI) is a non-profit medical issues research group that is partially funded by the pharmaceutical industry.[1] According to the its critics, it "was originally a project of the Pacific Research Institute, an older corporate front established in conjunction with Philip Morris to fabricate academic support for the tobacco industry."[2] CMPI's agenda is research driven and deals with clinical outcomes and econometric studies that analyze the value of new medicines and genomic and molecular-based medical innovation. It claims to do this from the consumer's perspective.

CMPI is a 501(c)3 organization and as such is not permitted to devote a substantial part of its activity to lobbying, but its officers have written articles on various issues including price controls on pharmaceutical products in publicly funded healthcare schemes in the United States,[3] and restrictions on advertising in the European Union.[4] The Economist Intelligence Unit has claimed that the organisation generally takes a pro-drug industry viewpoint.[5]


CMPI was founded by Peter Pitts, former FDA Associate Commissioner for External Relations under the Bush administration, and Dr. Robert Goldberg, former fellow at the Manhattan Institute.[6]

CMPI Senior Fellows include:

  • Marc Siegel, MD (A contributor to FoxNews)
  • Doug Badger
  • John F. P. Bridges
  • Jacob Arfwedson


  • PhRMA[7] - the pharmaceutical industry trade group
  • Pfizer[7] - the world's largest drug company


CMPI has published studies on the value of new cancer drugs, the cost-effectiveness of certain Alzheimer's treatments, evidence-based medicine, drug counterfeiting[8] and healthcare terrorism.

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