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The Center of the American Experiment is a conservative free market think tank in Minnesota, USA.[1][2]


The Center of the American Experiment is a policy organization that was founded in 1990.[1] Its founder and President is Michael Pearlstein, a former Reagan appointee.[2][3] Annette Meeks used to serve as its CEO.[4][5] It has received grants from the Bradley Foundation and the John M. Olin Foundation.[6]

Members include Linda Chavez, Steven F. Hayward, John H. Hinderaker, Mark Kennedy, Heather Mac Donald, Michael Novak, Marvin Olasky, Allen I. Olson, Tim Penny, Christina Hoff Sommers, Ken Starr, Shelby Steele, and Abigail Thernstrom.[7][8] Katherine Kersten is a Senior Fellow.[9][10] Guests have also included Charles Krauthammer.[11]

Certain unidentified “public documents” tied the Center of the American Experiment to funding the American Legislative Exchange Council, a conservative organization for which the Center has "a great deal of respect" (e.g., the Center finds ALEC's "model legislation to be of the highest quality").[12] The Center has also campaigned for school vouchers.[6] They also expressed concern about the raunchiness of television for children.[13] They are opposed to affirmative action, especially in academia.[14] They have been credited for playing a major role in empowering conservatives in Minnesota.[15]


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