Cento giorni a Palermo

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Cento giorni a Palermo
(Cent jours à Palerme)
Directed by Giuseppe Ferrara
Written by Giuseppe Tornatore (screenplay)
Starring Lino Ventura
Giuliana De Sio
Lino Troisi
Stefano Satta Flores
Arnoldo Foà
Adalberto Maria Merli
Music by Vittorio Gelmetti
Release dates 1984
Running time 107 minutes
Language Italian, French

Cento giorni a Palermo (English: One hundred days in Palermo) is a 1984 non-fiction film directed by Giuseppe Ferrara with Giuseppe Tornatore as screenplay writer. The film is a France/Italy coproduction and tells about the last hundred days in the life of the Italian "Generale dei Carabinieri" and anti-mafia highest authority Carlo Alberto Dalla Chiesa as prefect of Palermo, the capital of the Italian island of Sicily. Dalla Chiesa's life ended with his barbaric murder, shot by the machine guns of a mafia squad (along his wife and his bodyguard) on September 3, 1982.


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