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Coordinates: 34°56′02.5″S 138°35′30.4″E / 34.934028°S 138.591778°E / -34.934028; 138.591778

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Islam in Australia

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Early history
Makasan contact · Afghan cameleers
Battle of Broken Hill
Contemporary society
Sydney gang rapes • Cronulla riots


List of Mosques
Auburn Gallipoli Mosque · Central Adelaide Mosque
Lakemba Mosque · Marree Mosque


Islamic organisations in Australia
A.F.I.C. · L.M.A. · I.M.A.A. · I.I.S.N.A.


Afghan · Arab · Bangladeshi
Bosnian · Indian
Indonesian · Iranian
Iraqi · Lebanese · Malay
Pakistani · Turkish

Notable Australian Muslims

The Adelaide Mosque was built in 1888, and is the oldest major city mosque in Australia. Its original four minarets were added in 1903. Muslims from as far away as Broken Hill and Kalgoorlie gathered at least once a year at the Adelaide Mosque, usually for the Fast of Ramadan. In 1890 it was reported that 80 Afghans were present to observe this important festival.

Ahmed Skaka (originally from Bosnia) was an Imam at the Adelaide Mosque.[1]

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