Central Banda language

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Central Banda
Native to Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of the Congo, South Sudan
Native speakers
unknown (600,000 cited 1984–1996)[1]
plus an unknown number in South Sudan
  • Banda
    • Central
      • Central Banda
Language codes
ISO 639-3 Variously:
liy – Banda-Bambari
bpd – Banda-Banda
bqk – Banda-Mbrès
bfl – Banda-Ndélé
tor – Togbo-Vara Banda
bjo – Mid-Southern Banda
gox – Gobu
kuw – Kpagua
mnh – Mono
nue – Ngundu
Glottolog cent2022[2]

Central Banda is a dialect continuum of the Banda languages spoken by around one million people, primarily in the Central African Republic. The varieties may be mutually intelligible, especially the Mid-Southern–Gobu–Kpagua–Mono–Ngundu cluster. The other varieties are Bambari, Banda-Banda, Mbrès, Ndélé, and Togbo-Vara Banda.

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