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The Central Board of Film Censors (CBFC) is the regulatory body and censorship board of Pakistan. The CBFC is governed by the Motion Picture Ordinance, 1979 and rules made there under. The prime statuary function of the CBFC is censorship of films. With its Head office at Islamabad headed by the Chairman, has two branches at Lahore and Karachi. The CBFC examines the films in the light of the Censorship Code provided by the Federal Government.[citation needed]

Main functions[edit]

The main function of the Central Board of Film Censors is to examine suitability of films for public exhibition or otherwise under the guidelines provided by the Federal Government in the shape of film censorship code. Producers of locally produced films have the option to apply for Censorship of their films to any of the office of the Board at Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi whereas imported films are examined by the Board only at Islamabad. Films belonging to Foreign Missions are also examined at Islamabad.

The Motion Pictures Ordinance, 1979 and the rules made there under focus upon the broad policy framework and administrative procedures for the certification of films for public exhibition. The film censorship code covers all the important aspects of society and lays down the guiding principles for film making in Pakistan. To make the film industry abide by the code for censorship, strict policy measures are adopted from time to time and, while certifying films, every effort is made to ensure that no scene, dance or dialogue gets through which is derogatory to the accepted moral standards of the society.

While examining films, the CBFC eliminates public exhibition of a film or any part thereof which is likely to:

  • I. Impair accepted moral standards and social value by glorification of vice or crime:
  • II. Give offence to any section of the public or injured the feelings of any class of persons:
  • III. Hurt national sentiments:
  • IV. Contains dialogues, songs, speeches, dances, jokes or gesture which are obviously vulgar obscene or indecent:
  • V. Undermines Islam: or
  • VI. Ridicules, disparages or attacks any religious sect caste and creed.

Members Central Board of Film Censors of Pakistan (CBFC)[edit]

Federal Government of Pakistan vide Notification no's No.F.76 (2)/2012-SO (CBFC)dated.12/10/2012 constituted the Board with immediate effect and till further orders:

1# Chairman ( ex officio Member). 2# V.Chairman ( ex officio Member).


  1. Mr. Muhammad Tahir Hassan, Director, Secretary Office, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Islamabad
  2. Brig (R) Shuja Hasan Khurazmi, Director General Inter Services Intelligence, Islamabad.
  3. Brig. Anwaar Ahmed, Director Inter Services Public Relation (ISPR)Rawalpindi.
  4. Dr. Javed Laghari, Federal Ministry/Chairperson, HEC, Islamabad.
  5. Mr. Sultan Azam Taimuri, DIG, Headquarters, Islamabad.
  6. Mr. Muhammad Farooq, DG, Operation, PEMRA, Head Quarter, Islamabad.
  7. Mr. Hammad Ghaznavi, Deputy Managing Director, PTV, HQ, Islamabad.


  1. Mr. Iftikhar Durani.
  2. Mr. Nadeem Akhter, Advocate.
  3. Mr. Waris Baig.
  4. Mrs. Arshad Sami Khan.
  5. Mrs. Rehana Pervaiz.
  6. Mrs. Akhter Haque.
  7. Ms. Quatrina Hosain.
  8. Mr. Jalal Hyder.
  9. Hafiz Tahir Khalil.
  10. Malik Fakher-ul-Islama Noon.
  11. Mr. Tariq Mehmood Khan.
  12. Mr. Mussadaq Ahad Shah.
  13. Mrs. Shazia Akbar Abbasi

CBFC Chairmen[edit]

  1. Anwar Hussain (1963–72)
  2. Aslam Siddiqui (1972–73)
  3. Jalalud Din (1973)
  4. Syed Abid Ali (1973–74)
  5. MMH Peerzada (1974–76)
  6. Syed Sajjad Haider Jillani (1976–77)
  7. Anwar Abbas Ansari (1977–82)
  8. Dr. Safdar Mahmood (1982–86)
  9. Brigadier(R) Abdur Rasheed (1986–88)
  10. Syed Sajjad Haider Jillani (1988–94)
  11. Jamal Khan Jogezai (1994–96)
  12. Malik Yasrab (1996–98)
  13. Malik Mohammad Rafique (1998)
  14. Prince Abbas Khan (2001–03)
  15. Ziauddin (2003–06)
  16. Ejaz Illahi Paracha (2006)
  17. Azfar Shafquat (2006–08)
  18. Barrister Malik Shahnawaz Noon (2008–2012)
  19. Muhammad Ashraf Gondal (2012-2013)
  20. Dr.Raja Mustafa Hyder (Additional Charge of Chairman)(2012-2013) (Charge Expired due to the change of MINISTRY).

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