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British Columbia Regional Disrticts

Central Coast Regional District is a regional district in British Columbia, Canada. It has a total land area of 24,559.5 km² (9,482.5 sq mi). When it was created in 1968, it was named the Ocean Falls Regional District, after the then-largest town in the region, the company town Ocean Falls, now a ghost town. The name was confirmed in 1974, but changed to Central Coast Regional District in 1976.


  • Population (2006): 3,189
  • Population (2001): 3,781

The Central Coast Regional District has five Electoral Areas, each of which elect a single director to the District's Board of Directors. According to the 2001 Census, the populations of the electoral areas are:

Electoral Area Population Current (2007) Director
A (Outer Coast, except "Bella Bella 1" Indian Reserve) 138 Steve Emery
B ("Bella Bella 1" Indian Reserve) 1,066 Rhoda Bolton
C (Bella Coola Valley east of Royal Canadian Legion) 556 Brian Lande (chair)
D (Bella Coola Valley between Tatsquan Creek and Royal Canadian Legion) 421 Kevin O'Neill
E (Non-Reserve area of Bella Coola townsite) 135 Barney Kern


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