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Central Color
Type Limited Public
Industry Photography
Founded 1952
Headquarters Paris, France
Key people Lucien Lorelle, Founder and former President (1952–ca. 1960s)
Françoise Gallois, former President (ca. 1960s–2003),
Christine Gallois, Chief of operations (1980s-1995)
Jean-François Gallois, current President (2003–present)
Products Photos
Employees 80 (approx.)
Website [1]

Central Color is a professional photography company in Paris, France that is involved with various regional and worldwide projects.


Central Color was founded in 1952 by the famous French photographer Lucien Lorelle who handed over the company to his daughter Françoise Gallois, president of the Central Color Group and wife to Paris-famous former Brigadier General, Novelist and Geopolitician, Pierre Gallois. Françoise is recently deceased (2003) and the company is now run by Jean-François Gallois who is currently president of the Central Color Group. Central Color has been involved in many photo projects from France including the "Tour de France", and many other projects from professional photographers and artists within the region. The projects involve pictures of scenery of Paris and worldwide, events, posing for fashion shoots and artistic pictures among many other kinds, each with a different purpose. Central Color buys various equipment for the retouching of their photographs: such as Kodak which handles their main equipment and machinery and Fujifilm which handles their simple equipment and photographic materials. Some companies Central Color have worked with are; Lvmh, L'Oréal and Giorgio Armani's company products. The employees work with various machines and computers for high quality digital graphics and have about some 80 workers in the company and probably many more. The Central Color office is very modern on the inside, with glass doors and granite walls in the entranceway, with the central color logo on top of the doorway that represent themselves as a high class corporation.

Central Color operated in Greenburgh, New York from 1983 to 2001. Central Color (U.S.) was owned and operated by François Gallois grandson of Lucien Lorelle and son of Françoise Gallois.

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