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The Sport and Recreation Alliance, formerly known as the Central Council of Physical Recreation, is the representative body for national sports organisations in the United Kingdom.

The organisation speaks and acts to promote, protect and develop the interests of sport and physical recreation at all levels. It is completely independent of any form of Government control, has no responsibility for allocating funds, is strictly non-party and will support or oppose proposed measures only on the basis of their perceived value to sport and recreation

Its members range from large national governing bodies of sport such as the Football Association and the Rugby Football Union to smaller members such as Stoolball or Kitesurfing. The members are divided by activity type into one of six divisions, covering Major Spectator Sports, Outdoor Pursuits, Movement and Dance, Water Recreation and Interested Organisations. Recently the Sport and Recreation Alliance opened its membership to County Sports Partnerships.

The Sport and Recreation Alliance offers a range of services including advocacy on issues such as excessive bureaucracy in the governance of sport, access rights and events.

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