Central Huron Secondary School

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Central Huron Secondary School
165 Princess Street, East
Clinton, Ontario, N0M 1L0, Canada
School board Avon Maitland District School Board
Principal George McEwan
Vice principal Jana Bayer-Smith
Administrator Mary Cardno
School type High School
Grades 9 - 12
Language English
Motto 'Hinc Lucem'
From this place, Light(from University of Cambridge)
Mascot Phoenix
Team name Phoenix
Colours Red,Blue
Founded 1866
Enrollment 560 (2013)
Homepage http://www.amdsb.ca/CHSS/

Central Huron Secondary School ('CHSS') is a secondary school in Clinton, Ontario.[1] The school opened in 1866. Although High School classes had been held in the Clinton Masonic Lodge as early as the mid-1850s, it was not until 1866 that Clinton High School was formally established. In 1877, the original Clinton High School building was erected. It was a Gothic structure with a centre block tower and mansard roof. The school was officially designated a Collegiate in 1885 because it offered courses in classical studies (Greek and Latin). A new building constructed in 1926 replaced the original yellow brick Gothic school. The 1926 building was built in the Tudor style and is the oldest school building still in use as an educational institution in Huron County. The school was known as Clinton District Collegiate Institute until 1964, when the name was changed to Central Huron Secondary School. In 2002, it amalgamated with the former Seaforth District High School.

Noted Central Huron Alumni

John Rainsford Bone (b. March 1877, East Wawanosh Twp.-d.June 7, 1928, Toronto) (class of 1896). Managing Editor of the Toronto Star newspaper 1907-1928. President of the Canadian Press Association (1912–13), journalist, author of A History of Canadian Journalism (1908), mentor of Ernest Hemingway, radio pioneer.

Robert Hamilton Coates (b. July 25, 1874 in Goderich Twp.-d. Feb. 7, 1960) (class of 1892). Economic Historian and founder of Dominion Bureau of Statistics (Stats Can.). Coates building in Ottawa is named after him.

George Robson Coldwell (b. 4 July 1858, Durham County, ON – d. 24 January 1924, Brandon, Man.) (attended Clinton High School in early 1870s), lawyer, founder Brandon Manitoba Opera House; Manitoba Minister of Education, 1908-1915.

Colonel Hugh Barry Combe, V.D. (b. 23 September 1864, Clinton, ON-d. 27 October 1945, Clinton, ON.) (class of 1882) President of the Clinton Knitting Company 1906-1944; Lieutenant-Colonel and commanding officer 161st battalion (Huron), C.E.F. 1915-17; Chair Clinton Collegiate Board; Clinton Mayor 1928-30; Honourary Colonel Middlesex-Huron Regiment, 1936-45.

Colonel John Alexander Cooper (b. May 1868 in Clinton, ON-d. Jan. 17, 1956 in Toronto) (class of 1886) editor Canadian Magazine (1895-1906); Canadian Courier (1906; 1920); first President of the Canadian Club Toronto; Lieut.-Colonel and commanding officer 198th battalion (the Buffs), C.E.F, 1915–17; Canadian Trade Commissioner to the United States, 1919-1921; President Motion Picture Producers Distributing Company, 1921-1931; author Canada Under Victoria (1901); editor The Story of Canada and the Great War v. vii; (1919); brother of Sir Ernest Cooper.

Sir Ernest Cooper (b. June 10, 1877 in Clinton, ON.-d. Sept. 7, 1962 in London, England) (class of 1896). Cooper graduated from the University of Toronto in 1900 with a liberal arts degree. He became managing director of the Autostrop Razor Company in 1908 and moved to Great Britain. Cooper served as a Captain in the Canadian Expeditionary Force during World War One.

In 1937, Cooper became the first and only Canadian Chair and Managing Director of Gillette's London Isleworth plant. It was one of the largest factories in the United Kingdom.

In 1939, Cooper promoted what became the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan. Lord Beaverbrook chose Cooper to organize the dispersal of aircraft production during the Battle of Britain. He was appointed Industrial Advisor to Northern Ireland in 1941. From 1943-46, Cooper was Director of War Information Services. In 1944, His Majesty King George VI knighted Cooper for his wartime services.

The 'Sir Ernest Cooper Award' has been awarded annually to a graduating student of Central Huron Secondary School since 1944. He remained Director of Gillette Industries until his death on Sept. 7, 1962. Brother of Colonel John A. Cooper.

Hon. William James Dunlop (b. June 24, 1881 in Durham, ON-d. Feb. 2, 1961 in Toronto) (class of 1899). Instructor, Canadian Officer Training Corps, 1915–16; editor ''Canadian Historical Review; Ontario Minister of Education, 1951–59; Minister Without Portfolio, 1959–61; Grand Master of the Masonic Lodge of Canada in the Province of Ontario, 1937-38.

Horatio Hale (b. May 3, 1817 in New Port, New Hampshire-d. Dec. 28, 1896 in Clinton, Ont.). Hale was born in New Hampshire. He was a relative of American patriot Nathan Hale. His mother Sarah Hale edited Godey's Lady Book and is believed to have written the children's rhyme 'Mary Had A Little Lamb.' Hale graduated from Harvard University in 1837 with a law degree. He became interested in native languages and was appointed philologist on the Wilkes Scientific and Exploration Expedition (1838-1842) that explored the Antarctic and Polynesian regions.

Hale was instrumental in cataloging the scientific specimens from the expedition that would later form the basis of the Natural History Museum at the Smithsonian in Washington, D.C. He wrote several anthropological works on the Polynesian and Native North American peoples.

He married Margaret Pugh from Clinton, Ontario in 1855 and relocated there the following year. He was a founder and first Chair of the newly established Clinton Collegiate Institute in 1877.

He died in Clinton in 1896.

Honore Jaxon (nee Henry Jackson b. May 13, 1861 in Toronto-d. Jan. 10, 1852 in New York City) (class of 1879). Jackson moved to Manitoba and although an English speaking Methodist, he identified with the Metis cause, converted to Catholicism and adopted the name Honore Jaxon. He became Metis leader Louis Riel's English Secretary. Jaxon was captured by Canadian forces at the Battle of Batoche in May 1885. He was tried for treason but declared not guilty by reason of insanity. He escaped the asylum to Chicago. Jaxon became the first Canadian convert to the Bahá'í Faith. He died penniless and homeless in New York City on January 10, 1952.

Emily Kate Johnston (b. May 19, 1984, London, ON---) (Class of 2002) Johnston is the author of the best selling young adult novel The Story of Owen: Dragon Slayer of Trondheim. (2014). The setting for Johnston's novel is Central Huron Secondary School and Huron County.

Hon. Russell Temple Kelley (b. Sept. 10, 1877 in Bruce Co.-d. Feb. 20, 1952 in Hamilton, ON) (Class of 1896) Kelley founded the Kelley Advertising Agency; President of the United Nations Society of Canada; Director of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce; President of the National Council of the Y.M.C.A; President of the Ontario Lacrosse Association; Ontario Minister of Health 1946-1950; Minister Without Portfolio 1950-1952.

Benjamin T. Lobb (b. Sept. 10, 1976 in Goderich Twp- ) (class of 1995) elected Member of Dominion Parliament for Huron Bruce 2008–present.

Kenneth W. MacKenzie (b. Feb 3, 1862 in Lucknow, ON–d. October 9, 1929 in Edmonton, Alta.) (attended Clinton Collegiate in the 1870's), teacher, Edmonton City Councillor, two-term Mayor of Edmonton, Alta 1899-1901, President Edmonton Board of Trade (1903); President Associated Boards of Trade for Western Canada, 1908).

Hon. William Melville Martin P.C., K.C., LL.D.(b. August 23, 1876 in Norwich, ON-d. June 22, 1970, Saskatoon) (class of 1894) Second Premier of Saskatchewan 1916-1922; Chief Justice of Saskatchewan Court of Appeals 1948-61; Grand Master of Saskatchewan Masonic Order, 1927.

Sir John Cunningham McLennan, K.B.E; F.R.S; F.R.S.C. (b. 14 April, 1867 in Ingersoll, ON-d. October 9, 1935, Abbeville, France) (class of 1883) Teacher, author of A Laboratory Course in Comprehensive Physics (1895); first Canadian Ph.D. in Physics at University of Toronto in 1900; pioneer researcher in electro-magnetism, and radiation; elected Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada, 1903; Chair of Royal Navy Board of Inventions and Research,1915-1919; elected Fellow of Royal Society (Great Britain); awarded Order of the British Empire, 1917; President of the Royal Canadian Institute, 1916-17; author of 150 academic publications; Knighted by His Majesty King George V, 1935.

Lord Rutherford called McLennan 'the acknowledged leader of science in Canada' in his obituary in the Times of London (taken from Robert Craig Brown's entry in the Dictionary of Canadian Biography).

Rear Admiral J. Daniel McNeill (b. London, Ontario 1951- ). (class of 1970) Rear Admiral and Commander of Royal Canadian Navy's Atlantic Fleet 2004-06; Councillor Ward 1 Port Stanley 2010–present.

Hon. Carol Mitchell (b. Clinton, ON---) (class of 19--) Warden of Huron County 1999-2000; elected Member of Provincial Parliament 2003; Provincial Minister of Agricultural, Food and Rural Affairs, 2010-2011.

Thornton Mustard(b. Brucefield May 18, 1885-k. Sept 3, 1939 in North Atlantic when S.S. Athenia was torpedoed) (class of 1904;model school 1905) Teacher, Principal of Toronto Normal School, one of the first Canadian fatalities in World War II; father of Dr. William Thornton Mustard, Canadian heart specialist.

Cela Beacom Sloman, O.C.(b. Goderich Twp. February 15, 1897-d. June 16, 1989, Clinton, ON) (class of 1916) distinguished teacher of immigrant and native children on Canadian National Railway School Car, 1926–65; recipient Order of Canada (1984).

Fred Sloman (b. Clinton, ON., December 20, 1894-d. February 14, 1973 in Clinton, ON) (class of 1913; model school 1914) stretcher bearer Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps; pioneer teacher and educator on the Canadian National Railway School Car, 1926-65.

Bishop Rt Rev'd William Alfred Townsend L. Th., D.D., LLD., FCIS (b. June 1, 1898 in Stanley Twp.-d. Jan. 17, 1988 in London, ON) (class of 1918)First Anglican Suffragan Bishop of the Huron Diocese 1955-67; Trustee London and Middlesex Board of Education 1936-1980.

Noted Alumni from the former Seaforth District High School

Hon. William Aberhart (b. Tuckersmith Twp December 30, 1878-d. May 23, 1943 Vancouver, B.C.) (Seaforth Class of 1896) Baptist Minister, radio pioneer, social activist, first Social Credit Premier of Alberta 1935-43.

Harriett Brooks (b. July 2, 1876 Exeter, ON-d. April 17, 1933 Montreal, Que.) (Seaforth Class of 1893) pioneer nuclear physicist who worked with Marie Curie, Lord Rutherford; President of Women's Canadian Club, 1923-24.

Howard Hillen Kerr(b. December 24, 1900 McKillop Twp., ON-d. June 16, 1984, Toronto, ON) (Seaforth Class of 1919) founding principal of Ryerson Polytechnical Institute, 1948-1966; Chair of the Council of Regents for Colleges of Applied Arts and Technology, 1966-69.

Wilfred Brenton Kerr (b. May 12, 1896 Seaforth, ON-d. January 12, 1950 Kenmore, New York) (Seaforth Class of 1913) historian, Oxford educated University of Buffalo Professor of History and author of the classic Great War memoirs Shrieks and Crashes (1929) and Arms and the Maple Leaf (1943).

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