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The Central Institute of Fisheries Nautical and Engineering Training (or CIFNET) formerly known as the Central Institute of Fisheries Operatives (CIFO), is a marine studies centre located at Kochi, India. Maintained by the Department of Fisheries and Animal Husbandry of the Government of India, the institute was set up to aid research and development in the field. The institutes's charter commits it to bringing these developments to the aid of the poor fisher-folk in India. The institute trains graduates in various fisheries-related administrations. It is located at Foreshore Road near the School of Marines (CUSAT). The institute was set up in 1963 and is affiliated to the Cochin University of Science and Technology (CUSAT). it has one of the finest libraries in Kerala which boasts of fishery and maritime journals along with several science, fishery-science and nautical-science related books. It is the only institute to offer a bachelor's degree in both fisheries and nautical science. It has two other units in Visakhapatnam and Chennai.

Vision: To produce trained manpower capable of handling and managing any technical eventualities in fisheries, nautical and marine field.

Courses: Currently the institute offers a bachelor of fisheries and nautical science degree and two diploma courses. The diploma courses are in vessel navigation and marine fitting. It also conducts refresher courses for students the MMD[clarification needed] exam.

Bachelor of fishery science and nautical science (Bfsc (NS))
This course provides a dual degree in fisheries and nautical science. It was started in 2005 and has twenty-two seats, fifteen general, three for members of Scheduled Castes, two for members of Scheduled Tribes and one each for a non resident Indian and a foreign national. The intake of students is through the Common Admission Test held in June every year. It also provides on board training for students in its own vessel the M.V. Prashikshan. After completion the degree will be awarded by CUSAT. The course is approved by the UGC(University Grants Commission) and the Directorate General of Shipping. CIFNET played a pivotal role in blue revolution by creating technical manpower for marine application such as fishing, navigation and marine engineering. The institute also arrange special training programmes for foreign nationals from countries like Nigeria, Oman, Maldives, Bangaladesh, Sri Lanka,Philippines,Zambia,Ghana,Tanzania,Sudan,Yemen,Laos etc. under various scheme like FAO fellowship,CFTC,SCAAP,Colombo plan,ITEC etc.Thus over years the institute had come out as the nodal institute in southeast Asia for training the personnel in navigation and engineering. The institute has three training vessels and all the vessels were mainly utilised for imparting onboard practical training for Institutional trainees and for providing qualifying sea service for Post Institutional trainees of the Institute. The vessels Prashikshani is attached to the headquarters at Kochi, the other two vessels Skipper II and Skipper III are based at Chennai unit and Visakhapatnam unit.


Kochi headquarters[edit]

The institute has had its headquarters in Kochi since 1963. The headquarters is in a permanent training complex of 5730 m2 in a spacious site of 4.35 acres. A well-equipped marine engineering workshop, repair shop and chart hall are also available. The regular courses are residential. Excellent hostel facilities are available for the convenience of the trainees.

Chennai Unit[edit]

Chennai Unit of the Institute was established during 1968 and is functioning in a permanent office complex of 2903 sq.m. in 1.41 acres of land at Royapuram, Chennai. The Unit also has good hostel facilities for the trainees.

Vishakpatnam Unit[edit]

The Institutes Vizag unit is in a spacious complex of 3300 m2 built in a plot of 1.035 acres in front of the fishing harbour since 1981 with hostel amenities.

Technical Divisions[edit]

Nautical Division[edit]

The Department is responsible for imparting training, both theoretical and practical in Seamanship and Navigation for the Institutional cadets of MFVC and EDFVC including the candidates who were preparing for the competency examination for Skipper/Mates.

Marine Engineering Division[edit]

Maintenance Division[edit]

Training Division[edit]


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