Central Mosque of Lisbon

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Mesquita Central de Lisboa
Lisbon Mosque.jpg
Lisbon Mosque
Basic information
Location Lisbon, Portugal
Affiliation Islam
Architectural description
Architectural type Mosque
Completed 1985
Dome(s) 1
Minaret(s) 1

The Central Mosque of Lisbon (Portuguese: Mesquita Central de Lisboa) is the main mosque of the Portuguese Islamic community. It was inaugurated in 1985, to serve the Muslim community of the Portuguese capital, Lisbon.

It was designed by architects António Maria Braga and João Paulo Conceição. The external features include a minaret and a dome. The mosque contains reception halls, a prayer hall and an auditorium.

Where to find Masjid in Lisbon?
In order to find a Masjid in Lisbon, one may have to rely heavily on Google Map as the locals may not be aware of the Masjid location. Following are few of the Masajid in Lisbon, Portugal.
1) Masjid Baitul Mukarram, Calcada Agostinho Carvalo, Lisbon, Portugal
It is around 5 minute walk from the Martim Muniz Metro Station. The Martim Muniz station is on the green line (linhe Telheiras) of the Lisbon Metro. It is quite easy to find this Mosque, as the area has a good community of Bangladeshi/Indian Muslims. After taking exit from the Martim Muniz station, it is easy to find Indian/Bangladeshi people moving around. There is also a good Pakistani Restaurant named “Taste of Punjab”, claims to be 100% Halal. Besides, there are several shops near the Masjid area run by Muslim community.
2) Masjid in the Commercial Center, Portela – Lisbon, Portugal
Centro Commercial da Portela, Rodrigues dos Santos 2-2C, 2685-223 Portela Lisbon, Portugal.
The masjid/prayer room is located in the basement of this Commercial center. The basement is basically parking area of the center. The masjid is small, neat with good wadu facility. It is around 25 minutes walk from the Moscavide Metro station, and around 30 minutes walk from the famous Vasco de Gama Shopping center in Lisbon.

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